What’s in your fitness closet?

Happy Monday. I am taking part in a special posting day suggested by Pavement Runner along with several of my FitFluential friends to play “What’s in your fitness closet”? Apparently, this is my time to share my favorite pieces and to possibly seek out new ideas. I thought this was a great idea because I am due for a fitness wardrobe overhaul, and this will force me to examine what works, what doesn’t, and find suggestions.


Here is where I store my clothes and shoes (when they’re not being stored on the spare bed, the drying rack, my car, my gym bag, or who knows where else…)


I generally have 4 categories of sports clothing:

1) Actively in my rotation

This includes pieces like my new Lululemon ta ta tamer II bra or my Under Armour bra.


My Kohl’s brand Tek Gear capris (which are several years old and have been worn honestly 200-300 times) or my SKINS shorts (not pictured).


Various Under Armour, Tek Gear (Kohl’s brand), and C9 (by Champion) shirts. UA collection pictured below.


My Zensah socks!!

And of course shoes. My favorite shoes currently are my Saucony Guide 6’s.


Still looking for the perfect trail shoe for 2013! For light trail work I have my Brooks PureGrit’s from last year, but I need a heavy-duty pair too.


2) Pieces I’ll wear if needed

These pieces might be my long-sleeve shirts (I HATE LS), outerwear pieces, low support or older bras like my Moving Comfort pieces, pants or other shirts.

IMG_2370 IMG_2369

Some are brands I love, but the pieces just don’t fit me as much as I would LOVE or they’re tank tops and I’m not really a big fan of tanks.

3) Sentimental pieces

Shirts from important races if I don’t like the fit or previous uniforms fall into this category. Pieces I probably won’t wear anymore, but I keep for memories.


My Marathon Bars, previous Grunt Girl Racing years, Team Tough Chik and a few other kits all are stored away nicely.

4) Donation/Trash

I’m not afraid to be honest and tell you nearly ALL my race shirts end up in this category. Tee or tech shirts, I have plenty and unless it’s something super special I probably don’t need it. As things get older or stained they make their way to trash, the new pieces I just don’t like or want go to donations. When it comes to shoes I see if they’re in good enough condition to be donated, otherwise I take them to a drop site where they’ll be recycled for sports related functions or something else worthwhile. I never outright throw away a pair of workout shoes.

Now it’s your turn. What’s in YOUR fitness closet? Do you filter pieces as you get them or is there spring cleaning every so often? What determines who makes the cut and who doesn’t? Any advice on a good pair of capris?


Hands Turned On

Are your hands turned on?

When is the last time you came across a company and fell in love with everything about them? Their products, their mission, their voice, everything? For me it doesn’t happen all too often, but it did a few weeks back when I received an email about Hands Turned On.

Hands Turned On ™ is a company dedicated to teaching simple energy flows to help you with self-healing. Energy healing is the ancient art of healing through touch, breath, movement and sound. This form of healing affects the nervous system, decreasing the “fight or flight” reaction and increasing relaxation. Over time, energy healing can decrease the amount of overall inflammation in the body – an underlying cause of many illnesses we experience. Our goal is to help you gain awareness and skill at “turning your hands on” and using them for self-healing.

Hands Turned On was started by Dr. Ann Marie Chiasson, who wanted to help people begin the process of learning self-healing and energy healing. Dr. Chiasson is Board Certified in Family Practice, has extensive experience exploring energy medicine and alternative healing practices. She is also the author of the book, Energy Healing. In it she outlines how paying attention to your body’s natural energy flow can improve your health.

It was almost a year ago I had my first encounter with this topic when I went to Insight Wellness with OBA. Those who were around for the experience know I walked away on the fence about it all. One thing I loved though was the idea of directing energy toward you and coming away more centered, more peaceful, a better version of yourself. I love the concept of meditation and think it’s always a good idea to strive for ways to be in touch with all areas of our minds, bodies and souls. BTW to the naysayers out there…yes, they do feature a disclaimer on their site stating these concepts are not to replace medical care.

Hands Turned On shirts

Hands Turned On, (IMO) is a great stepping stone for someone who wants to dip a toe in the waters of self-healing or guided mediation. I know I felt safer and less “silly” using my shirt at home, but I also felt connected to something larger than myself knowing other people were using the same shirt for the same purposes. Wearing it around town, I received numerous compliments and as I told people about the company and their mission, the positive feedback only increased. Eventually I found myself drawn to the clothing and the concept even more as this cycle of positivism perpetuated. I think the shirts would also be great for someone more advanced in their journey too, who knows their favorite hand placements or topics and wants a beautiful shirt to go along.

With over 20 designs, there’s bound to be one for every person. Each unique shirt features a message and some have special hand placements based on the message. Shirts also come with a custom hang tag that will explain how to utilize the hand placements (if applicable) and the healing concept associated with that design. Here is an example tag:


My contact person was kind enough to send me a shirt for review and enjoyment. I picked the message “The Path of A Thousand Miles…Ends in the Heart”, because I felt it embraced my love for trail running, my passion for counseling, and my reactions to all that has happened in the past year. I was also drawn to the colors and the hand-prints. When I was in high school, I was OBSESSED with the clothing company MUDD. Does anyone remember? Back then they used a signature hand-print on all their products. Everything I owned had to have hand-prints  My sheets, my jeans, my socks, underwear, pajamas  shirts, book bag, yes everything I could find with hand prints. Hands Turned On, brings me back to that happy place.

Regarding the shirt itself: The first thing I can tell you is, the colors are just as beautiful in person as they are on the website. The fabric is wonderfully soft, and I did not notice any wear or tear when I washed it. *I do wash all my clothes on cold-cold though, and the shirts are 100% cotton, so be careful. One downside I found was the fabric is a little see through. When I first put it on after a gym workout, you can see my reaction as I noticed my polka-dot bra making an appearance.

Hands Turned On I'm wearing

I would now like to share with you a photo from their website, featuring the same shirt I am wearing, with a person utilizing the hand placements. I want you to see how genuine their site is with how similar my shirt is to the one on the model.

Hands Turned On placement

On a final note, here’s a question probably on a lot of people’s minds, and an answer from their site, Why “Hands Turned On”?

Touch is a primary and powerful tool for relaxation and healing. When a person is in “healing mode” from either feeling compassionate or wanting to help another person or themselves, their hands literally “Turn On.” When the hands turn on, they have a greater energy flow in them and often becoming warm or flushed. This leads to an augmented ability to send healing energy to anything the hands touch. Coupling touch with simple directed energy flows can allow self-healing to begin or be amplified. We can affect another more deeply by touching them with our hands turned on.

For the social media mavens and gurus out there, make sure you add yourself to the “like” list for Hands Turned On on Facebook. They also have a Twitter account, so you can follow them there.

What do you think of Hands Turned On? Do you embrace self-healing and energy healing? Which shirt would you buy? I’m thinking I want and NEED the “Relax. Let Go. Watch Everything Change” next, especially with everything going on at work right now.

Disclaimer: I was provided with a shirt in exchange for my review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Several images and quoted text property of Hands Turned On.

PV Body Review : It’s not for everyone

I wrote the following post at the beginning of December 2012. At the time most of the reviews of P.V. Body were from fellow FitFluentials who signed up for an affiliate program and were signing praises of the company selling top of the line fitness apparel for under $50 a month! Like my fellow friends, I too signed up after FitBloggin because 1) It seemed like a great deal 2) Their ambassadors were so cute and friendly, who wouldn’t want to BE EPIC? 3) I have FOMO and I really wanted to be one of the first people to experience the next great subscription box.

Well, a few months came and went and I was left with a horrible taste in my mouth about the whole experience, but I was afraid to go against the grain. What if it was all in my head and I looked like I was whining?  Then Janine of The Purple Giraffe posted how she received NEW pieces with traces of deodorant! When I read her poor story I have to admit, I was excited someone else had a bad experience…I wasn’t going crazy! Then this week Sarah Fit posted about a change in their clothing line up. If you scroll to the comments, some very interesting things are brought to light. I even saw my friend Carly note she didn’t want to post a bad review since everyone else seemed to like them. Maybe if more of us would have posted about these things as they happened, more people wouldn’t have fallen to their lure?

So, while it’s overdue…I present to you…my issues with P.V.Body. BTW I did send both items back for return/exchange. Due to their terrible customer service I have NO IDEA which, and NO IDEA how long until I see new pieces or a credit. At this point I want the money, but I doubt I’ll ever see it. Buyer always beware.

December 2012

I’ve tried monthly box subscriptions in the past, and generally there are some very unique and fun things. P.V.Body by PuraVit claimed their boxes would grant access to Lululemon, Nike, Lorna Jane, Adidas, or American Apparel at greatly reduced prices! At first the price was only 39.95, I see now it’s jumped to 49.95, which would be great if they were consistently sending those top of the line items. Two months in a row I received items from no-name companies and the quality of the items was barely what I’d grab from the discount rack of a department store.

Maybe my issue is more to do with the brands than P.V. Body, but they are in control of who they send and partner with, right? They should not be sending low quality items and saying it’s a steal when I get the impression they are simply helping to ship out unwanted stock.

You start the process with a fun little quiz. I always fear I’m about to answer the wrong thing so I freak out and second and triple guess myself. In the end I managed to establish I am an “Epic Athlete” and I enjoy bold colors. Which when I buy workout gear I DO, because I like to have fun and I wanted FUN stuff sent to me. And while I do go to the gym, I mostly train on the trails in all sorts of weather…hence “Epic”.

Month ONE

My first order went in on Oct 12th….I was informed it shipped on Oct 23rd (WHY such a delay?)…it was at my door Nov 2nd. Almost a FULL MONTH after the order date and 10 DAYS after it shipped. Are you kidding me?

Shipments arrive in a very fun pink/magenta giant bubble envelope and your items are wrapped in pink and white tissue paper. Here is what arrived in the first box.

IMG_2052 IMG_2053

IMG_2054 IMG_2055A white tank top style shirt and black leggings. The top had very thin straps and a built in bra. HIGHLY not appropriate IMHO for anyone looking to be an “Epic Athlete”.  Maybe for yoga, light gym work or walking around town, but not for trail running, not in my world anyway. The bottoms were super tight and not “oh this compression makes me feel supported and I could run forever” tight. More like “OMG I thought pantyhose were out of style” tight. These pants were essentially thick and disgusting black pantyhose. You can see in the final picture, the outfit doesn’t look BAD. However it felt TERRIBLE against my skin and you can see how the top is totally see through. What an insanely disappointing start.

Of course I will say it took a while to reach out to the company because of what happened with my dog. When I did reach out to the them I was directed to call a number. I called and no one answered. I left messages and no one called me back. I FINALLY tracked down an email because they weren’t responding to Twitter and I was sent a generic form letter. Then I tracked down a way to request a return label. They will generate the return label for you, but you need to find a way to package it and get it to FedEx. While this may seem “easy” to some. It’s a hassle for me and I was annoyed because I wasn’t exchanging for a size concern, I was exchanging for a quality concern.

Month TWO

Based on all the other amazing reviews I was reading, I decided to give P.V.Body a second chance. My order went in around Nov 12th. Days and weeks went by without a shipping notification. I tried to reach out over Twitter or email and I was sent another generic “We’re sorry, we grew too quickly, but we promise we care” letter. My bank account was charged on Nov 23rd so I assumed I’d be getting my package soon after. Unlike the previous month Dec 2nd came and went, Dec 3rd came and went, even the 4th came and went. My package arrived I believe it was Dec 10th! Only about 2 days before my next package would have been submitted for an order. Luckily for me, I had enough and cancelled my account.

Again the package arrived in the magenta envelope and the pink and white paper. I was excited. Other reviewers were sent great name brands. Beautiful pink and purple tops. I knew the first one had to be a fluke and I was going to get something great!


NOPE! Package number two was another WHITE tank top and BLACK tights. Not running tights, but yoga-type leggings. Was I no longer an epic athlete? Was white now considered a BOLD color? WHO wears white outside? People asking for their stuff to look like crap after the first time they wear it maybe.

I sent out another tweet expressing my EXTREME disappointment in the program. A final generic form letter was emailed.

Maybe I have bad luck with boxes? Maybe they know it’s me and they’re mad at me for not being supportive? Maybe it was a coincidence and they are growing and things will get better?

All I know is, my experience was not a positive one.

  • Orders are shipped much too late past order date and take too long to arrive
  • The price is now much too high if you end up getting crap brands
  • If you plan to do anything other than yoga or looking cute the products will not work for you
  • Your quiz and profile seem to be all smoke and mirrors, they’re going to send whatever they have in stock

Final Analysis: Take your $50 and use it toward sales and pieces you know you want and will wear.