Race Report : Tough Mudder Half Pittsburgh

I supposed since it’s clearly important and meaningful enough to be my header image on my Facebook fanpage I should complete my report regarding the Tough Mudder Half I finished on September 10th.


Originally I have zero intention of doing this event. Not because I didn’t think I COULD, but because I knew I didn’t feel like doing the full and my friends (Liz, Aaron, Becky & Jill) were all doing the full this time around. Staring at my discount codes from volunteering last year (thank goodness I took a picture because those paper slips are lonnnnng gone) I contemplated for what felt like forever if I should sign up.

After my great experience with The Burner though and a few more weeks of training under my belt I realized there wasn’t any reason I SHOULDN’T do the event. Sure it’s a team oriented day, but don’t I always make friends at events? Besides when was the last time I was able to stick with my team anyway? The decision was made and I was signed up for my 2nd TM and hopefully I wouldn’t pout and skip this one like last summer.

Race morning arrived and I drove out to PA by myself. Don’t take that to mean more than it does, I LOVE driving by myself in the mornings. Working at 10 am has spoiled me and getting up early was always a struggle. I find myself driving the 90 minutes in silence and partial darkness and it’s wonderful while I slowly creep to life.

To my complete shock and amusement I made it to the site before Beck, Liz and Aaron, if only by a few minutes.

20160910_075815 20160910_075701 20160910_075656

Putting the final touches on and in my pack and changing into my trail shoes I hustle to catch up to them at the entrance. Always nervous about the start the three of them rush around to get in line. Becky and I drop bags off at the gear check and it is then one of the volunteers breaks terrible news to me…I can’t start with my “Team”. Despite being different distances we assumed (incorrectly so there ya go with assuming) I could start with them and meet them along the course. The three of them are in the first or second wave after the elite wave though, and the half participants aren’t allowed on the course for another hour.

Everything in me wishes they will agree to wait and start with me, but they don’t and I have to respect that choice. Besides we would have been together a whole half mile anyway if I’m being honest. Reluctantly I wander around the festival area. After volunteering three times last year I am probably the most comfortable of any event in the festival area for a TM. I find myself at the Merrell tent talking OCR shoes and looking at their “testing site”.


Having more than enough time to kill I agree to try the shoes. In a fun twist, you don’t just wear the shoes, you’re also strapped to a bag on your back with 40 pounds of items inside. Once arranged I am lead over to 4 “hills” representing different terrains found on a mud run course. Giant rocks to gravel to slick man made walls. Starting at the bottom I use a rope to climb about 10-15 feet up and ring a bell. It amazes me I can haul this pack, but then realized before losing weight I was carrying HALF this load daily. When I finish and take the pack off I’m even more resolved to keep losing weight as I can physically feel the relief all over.

20160910_125105 20160910_125202

The shoes are AWESOME as Merrell shoes always seem to be for me, and I enter for a chance to win a pair by pulling out two balls from a bag. I don’t win. I put my own gear back on and eye the crowd for other teal “half” bibs and wait to start.

Once we start I immediately am frustrated because we enter by jumping over a wall. I HATE when races so this because I RFUSE to do walls, but that doesn’t mean I can’t do like 90% of everything else and I it doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be allowed. The edges are so closely roped off I almost can’t get onto the field. We run for about a mile before the first real challenge Kiss of Mud 2.0. Sliding down on my belly I shimmy over rocks bumps and mud and under barbed wire. I’m a mess and I’m all smiles.

14379674_10104644992744334_2600173493341654216_o 14379839_10104644992749324_4534246273442632912_o

According to the map TM Half includes 5.9 miles of fun and 13 different obstacles. Along the way I encounter the following and much more:

Mud Mile 2.0 – This was tiring and fun. I let go of my self-doubt and allowed others to help. Men and women, but mostly men helped lift me from chest high mud and water onto rocky hills and back down into the same for about 5 or 6 repeats. At one point one of the guys was so strong he tossed me and I flew up and over the rocky hill and onto my back and butt on the other side. I couldn’t stop laughing. Of course this is also the obstacle where I shredded my watch band. Photo credit TM website.


Berlin Walls – I have no idea how tall these suckers were, but I skipped it.

Devil’s Beard. Crawling on the ground, uphill, under a net. I made it about ¾ of the way before the tiny gravel rocks and sticks were hurting my knees. After I stood at the top and lifted the end of the net as help to the others since I didn’t have a team to keep up with and many others did.

Hero Carry – another I skipped even if I didn’t want to skip it. Taking turns with a partner you do a piggyback ride or Fireman carry and make it across a field. One of the volunteers offered to let me carry him, but I didn’t want to be carried and told I was too heavy to lift. It would have devastated me.  Shortly after this one and another “can only be done with two or more people” obstacle I started to feel sorry for myself because with the way the course broke away from the full TM I wasn’t just without my own friends, I was truly by myself for large stretches of time. I realized though pouting didn’t help and kept on walking.

King of the Mountain – THIS was a ton of fun and scary! At first I tried to walk away after being unable to get myself on the chest high hay stack. A group of guys and girls where behind me though and refused to let me walk away. Looking at the image and remembering the day I’d say the bales were 15-20 feet high and when I got to the top I wanted to puke from fear of heights. Slowly though I wiggled my way back to the bottom and thanked everyone who helped. Along the way I begged “Please no one laugh at me”. In true disbelief another girl asked why anyone would do such a thing. We’re all here to have fun and help each other. No one is supposed to judge. It made me feel really good.

Ladder to Hell – another really high thing I skipped but I mention it because the guys who walked up to it with me made me laugh. As we approached the one looked at his friend and asked “If it’s the ladder to hell shouldn’t we be going down not up?” Oh, moments like this make the day grand.

The Block Ness Monster – Easily my favorite of the day. There were two long “blocks” I think they were actually three sided, in a giant pit of water. The water was about chest to throat high for me at 5’1” and not easy to tread when wearing trail shoes. The “blocks” could rotate and essentially a group of people would attempt to climb on and then spin the block forward to move into the next section. The groups with taller men and women would send those over first and they would pull from one side while others pushed and kicked their way from the start. Turn to the next and repeat. I LOVED it. Photo credit TM website


Skidmarked – You will never believe it, but I did a wall! I stood there forever, well like 10 minutes which should be forever and stared at the inverted wall with tires on the other side. Wave after wave of people attempted and accomplished it, but when I saw a girl roughly my size totally fail I tucked my tail in and started to shuffle away. As I left I noticed what I thought was an official race photographer. Thinking “This would make a great pic!” I went back around the corner. Before I knew what was happening the volunteer called for a group of guys to help me. Up onto two of their thighs and being hoisted into the air by two more standing on the tires I was lifted up onto the end of the wall. I panicked and wanted to go back down, but before that was even an option I was pulling myself up and over. I actually “did it”. Go me. Also, there was no photographer or their pics didn’t make it to the TM people because NO ONE from that obstacle was on the photo site.

When I finished I was very tired and very worn out, but felt like I could have kept going if needed.

14305310_10104632333753054_4803461385752596746_o 14212750_10153969122889227_5696695902485409686_n

More than likely because I didn’t fuel while out there (I suck at this lately) I started to feel sick within the next hour. I made it to the showers and mostly rinsed off and changed. I also caught my three buddies as they were leaving. We exchanged hugs and well wishes and I headed back home where I promptly took up the couch with my existence and slept.

Will I do back to TM again? Honestly I don’t know. I had fun, but at the same time I was “forced” to miss several things I wanted to try because I didn’t have a team. If I went back I would either be in condition to do the full AND have a team OR I’d do the half later in the day so more people are on the course to “make friends”. I will say I would totally recommend this event to ANYONE interested in trying it and who has a group to go with because it’s probably one of the most fun and positive attitude races I have ever attended. At the start they straight up tell you it’s about teamwork not about a finish time, for a girl who’s blog subtitle has always been “It’s about an active lifestyle, not an elite performance” could there be a better match?

Race Report : The Burner 2016

I am more than a little behind on the race reports and for those who like to read them I am sorry. What happens most of the time is I’m exhausted after an event (makes sense) so clearly I don’t write the report the same day. Usually the next day I am sore and relaxing or catching up on things that were neglected the day before. What’s getting neglected I honestly do not know considering we don’t do massive weekend cleanings and all my food has been provided by NutriSystem all summer, but I’m sure those naps on the couch aren’t going to take themselves.

Then Monday rolls around and I work my 4 10-hour shifts and by the time the next weekend rolls around I start to feel guilty for the report being late. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

Excuses and rationalizations aside, I have been looking forward to talking about my last two mud runs of the season. First up The Burner in Hubbard Ohio back on August 20th.

The Burner is an event my friend Liz told me about probably 2-3 years ago. Excitedly I signed up for it one winter when prices were super low and then for whatever reason was unable to participate the following summer. Luckily I was able to defer my entry to the next year (I think this was the series of events) and found myself committed to 2016. Looking at the confirmation in December 2015 I was trying to convince myself I’d lost “enough” weight by summer, but the reality was I’d been trying all year only to keep gaining. Instead I simply hoped I could have the positive attitude to get through it once the time rolled around.

When the day arrived I am happy to say I was 20 pounds lighter than my heaviest and very excited to take part in the event. My sister and I were both signed up and carpooled to the location. Once there we met up with another racing friend, Jill, who you might remember from the few indoor triathlons we did earlier this year.

image image-1

Leading up to the event various posts and emails advertised this course as “The Toughest 7 Miles” and I started to wonder how true this could be given the other events I’ve done in the last few years. Could these 7 miles be worse than 14-ish miles of Spartan Beast? Lord only knows how bad I felt after 4 miles of my most recent Spartan in 2015. Heck in 2015 I even DNF’ed a Tough Mudder I was so nervous about the toughness of the course. Somehow standing in the field that morning, listening to the announcer I didn’t feel scared though, I felt hopeful.

Entering the course Becky and Jill clearly had an advantage over me in the fitness department, but the narrow course kept them close.


At the first obstacle we were instructed via sign to pick up two tires (car sized) and carry them in a loop through a field where we also tossed them up and over inverted walls as well as tossing our bodies up and over the “razor burns”. Photo credit to The Burner’s website.


After 3 or 4 of the bladed we returned to the scene of the tire pile and on our way maneuvered through a rope web. Being nervous about hurting my ankles I skipped the walls, but picked up an extra tire on the way back and felt like that help redeem my efforts.

Becky and Jill were long gone by this point and I found myself making friends with a lovely women named Cindy and we kept each other motivated over the next 6.5 miles.

Other obstacles included nature made challenges such as hills so steep you needed ropes or roots to scale them, only to come back down on your butt and repeat the process 6 more times. Rocky terrain and mud filled pits where I softly sunk to my knees and watched more agile athletes nearly float across like those Jesus Lizards. Every step of the way there was a smiling face or the quiet comfort of the woods. No matter what happened I was smiling. Here are some images from the website as well as Facebook pictures by Heidi Bulick highlighting the day even if I’m not in the images.

image-4 image-5 image-6 image-7 image-8 image-9

Not picture are the pipe things which I don’t do at most of the events so it was very exciting to do it here, the over-under-through walls are some of my favorite and I couldn’t believe I actually tackled a wall related obstacle for a change, and I always feel like a bad ass when I’m flipping and dragging a tired as big as I am! It seemed to be there was a great mix of natural and man-made challenges as well as carrying levels of difficulty for the different challenges.

Around mile 5 I was exceptionally pleased with how good I felt since I knew my Tough Mudder half was coming up and I wondered how I’d do with 5 miles. By mile 6 though something had shifted drastically and I knew I was headed for trouble. It stated with a dull ringing in my ears and feeling my pulse throbbing all over my body. This lead to feeling light headed and being told by Cindy and others I completely lost my color. I death marched for a while and drank my water, but I also felt my body stop sweating.

For the last section of the event I skipped every single obstacle and prayed I’d stay on my feet. The end of the course was HEAVILY loaded with obstacles too. Thankfully one of them was water based and instead of giggling as I flew down a soaked and soapy tarp on an inner tube I opted to stand next to the sprinkler and allow the off shoots to soak my head and back. After a few minutes I started to shiver and then I was back to normal. I am eternally thankful for this sprinkler because without it I don’t think I could have stumbled to the finish.

Crossing the finish I was greeted with a Yellow hand band and my black and yellow finisher’s shirt.

image-10 image-11

My sister hugged me and we sat down to talk and drink an icy cold Gatorade. Despite the difficulties at the end and needing to skip so many of the obstacles, I still felt proud and accomplished. Everyone has their own challenges to beat and I know I more than attempted and accomplished mine.

Feel Beautiful Under Your Clothes AND At The Gym with AdoreMe!

Happy Wednesday everyone! Did you know in addition to being hump day today is also National Women’s Health and Fitness Day? Celebrating and promoting fitness for all ages and abilities, I think we can all agree it’s a good idea to care about your health on some level. I know it may seem like I stopped caring for a while when I gained weight, but as I’ve stated numerous times this just isn’t the case and while I have lost 20 pounds and continue to strive for better fitness and if I’m honest a slimmer appearance, these things take time. While they are taking time I am over here shopping in the pus sized world. Don’t get me wrong there’s nothing wrong with the plus sized world at first glance, but as anyone in it or most media outlets lately will remind you, sometimes it just isn’t fun or easy to SHOP in the plus sized world.

Enter AdoreMe and their connection to helping with health and fitness goals.

AdoreMe is a NYC based lingerie company known for their custom orders. Stocking sizes XS – 4XL depending on the item and bras sizes up to 46G, they strive to help women of all shapes and sizes feel beautiful under their clothes (and the prices aren’t so bad either). Recently I was asked to help share some big news with you all and (disclosure) although I’m not being paid (it’s true) I have heard enough wonderful things and liked what I saw enough to agree to pass along this announcement.

Starting in October 2016 AdoreMe will add more to their bras, panties, corsets and sleepwear. Soon ladies (or gentlemen, I don’t think they judge) will also be able to order activewear! Personally I am BEYOND excited about this, because so many of my favorite lines don’t extend into plus territory and those that do carry a XL or XXL I’m very concerned what they think XL or XXL means in sizes.

Over the years I have read COUNTLESS wonderful things about AdoreMe and their lingerie and there is no reason to suspect the same level of quality won’t be placed in their Activewear line as well. Plus look at how cute everything is in the preview pics!

mariam_plus_6043_branding mariam_plus_1544_branding

I’m seriously going to have to get those amazing purple floral/abstract capri pants in these plus size Mariam!

deepthi_1826_branding deepthi_1819_branding The corset lacing design on the side of these Deepthi pants fits any “bad ass chick”‘s personality. CrossFit? Sure! Mud run? You bet!

mala_plus_0861_branding mala_plus_0841_branding

Since purple is my favorite color I’m also eyeing this gorgeous Mala Plus number.

Remember keep an eye out in Oct at www.adoreme.com/workout-clothes.html for the launch of these items and in the meantime maybe treat yourself to one of their lingerie packages?

What do you all think? Have you worn AdoreMe before? Are you excited for the launch of their new activewear line? What types of things will you do today to celebrate National Women’s Health and Fitness Day?