Where’s ROJ?

I actually have several posts which should go live this week, but I wanted to get this up right now to say, if you find yourself missing me, I am active over on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Oh and VERY active over on MFP (MyFitnessPal), which I can’t seem to figure out how to link, because I’m being lazy. Look me up at Starrr126 if you want. Also it goes without saying I’m still a FitBit addict.

In general everything is going “well”. My conditioned hasn’t worsened and I’m learning more and more each day on how to cope. It’s frustrating at times, because despite people saying they can understand or remember what I’ve said, I still have people comment on the way I eat and types of food I consume. Trust me I NEVER thought I’d be someone to miss a salad, but it’s happening. On the flip side, I’m becoming less tolerant of overly excessive sugar, so that’s a plus. I’m down nearly 40 pounds from last year (25 since January) and physically feel great from that loss. I can tell in pictures even though I’ve been 180 before, I look so much healthier than I did at that weight previously. More than likely it’s because I’m working hard to lose weight and be healthy as opposed to feeling sick all the time and slowly/rapidly gaining weight.

Here’s a collage I shared on Instagram. In the red March 2016, in the green April 2017.

And here you’ll see me last weekend vs summer 2015, at pretty much the same weight. Eh maybe not a huge difference, but I FEEL better.

Dave and I have been doing a lot of exercising together and I’ve been doing quite a bit on my own too, which I’ll talk about more in a different post. I plan to summarize the events we did by month and then do a post in more detail about my diet and exercise outside of the events.

Please note, I’m not avoiding the blog due to my health or lack of caring. In 100% honesty it’s because of the wedding planning. Did I mention that yet? We’re getting married in October!! I think most people who have planned a wedding are nodding their heads and saying “Say no more”. It seems every day there’s a new detail to consider or plan, and I’m LOVING the whole process, do not get me wrong, but it’s time consuming. I’ve scaled way back on my reading too. It seems what I do is work, sleep, plan a wedding, and try to fit a little walking in here and there. Again NOT complaining, but it is what it is and I will embrace each day for whatever it brings.

Hope everyone is well and I’ll be back VERY soon.

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