January & Feburary Events

My 2017 started off with a perfect end to 2016. Some friends and I attended the Great New Year’s Eve 5K which I’ve done many, many, many years now.

Dave’s family was in town so they all went to see the Trans Siberian Orchestra up in Cleveland. Then they were going to bring in the new year at a restaurant downtown. My anxiety and personal safe comfort wasn’t allowing that to happen so they went without me, I headed to the race with some friends and afterward I read and took a nap. Close to midnight he called to tell me they were on their way home. I headed to his parents’ house and well all toasted with water at midnight.

The first week in January I FINALLY completed chiropractic care (I was in a car accident at the end of November when someone rear-ended me), and at the end of that same week is when I went to my gastric empty study. At first I was entertained by eating “radioactive eggs” and seeing the movement (or apparently lack there of) through my system. However when I received a call about a week later telling me my new diagnosis I had no idea what I was in for from that point forward.

My return to the Twilight Indoor Triathlon happened the day after my study. I felt very strong while I was there, but also sick. While swimming my stomach felt too full of air and I couldn’t calm it down. Then when biking it really started to pinch and I was nauseous, by the time I was running I had to keep stopping to burp and when I finished I walked immediately to a trashcan about 5 feet from where I stood and proceeded to throw up multiple times. Some people assumed I really “pushed it”, but I knew that wasn’t true and I also had NO IDEA why it kept happening. Spoiler alert it was the the gastropersis.

The rest of January wasn’t very active as I did my best to stick to my new liquid and extremely limited diet.


Enter Feb, where right off the bat I missed a 5k with my friend Kim (The Cupid’s Undie 5K) due to feeling ill. Luckily I was back on my feet a week later and attended one of my favorite events the JCC Indoor Triathlon

I wouldn’t say my overall performance improved at all, but I do know my mental state was better. Sadly, I still threw up after the bike portion and I’ve since heard from two different people that they were not able to bike with their GP. Hopefully some of that comes back to me like running did, or if I switch to a different bike, but so far not biking is the biggest bummer of this condition.

February also saw more fun and relaxation when I joined my friends for the return of the Movie Marathon weekend. Saw Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, Goodfellas, and The Great Gastby the first time.

Overall the first two months of the year were a success and I was feeling fairly certain I was on the road to improved mood, sleep, and weight-loss.

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