AROO! But first, let me get some zzz

As anyone who travels for events knows, one of the trickiest aspects can be finding ideal hotel accommodations. Sure, I’ve been on team sleeping in a bag on the gym floor (Oil Creek 50K 2010), and I’ve also been on team super comfy bed, maybe I don’t need to do this event (Philadelphia Marathon 2014). I think most people would try to find something in-between.

Aside from comfort, location, quietness, and all those other commodities, what else do people want? Well, if you ask me it’s rewards! I know I’m completely in love with any app or website that gives me bonuses for things I’m already doing. Heck if I had a better phone  (more memory) I’d be earning cash back for groceries too. So why not earn points for your event travel?

Marriott Rewards is now the official Hotel Partner for Spartan Race and has an exclusive offer to people who join their loyalty program – 20% off races, free VIP bag check and $5 off Spartan gear at the races. Once enrolled, points are earned when you stay at any 4,500 participating hotels around the world. All the info is here:

First of all, I don’t know about all of you, but I’m used to seeing discounts of 10 or 15 percent, 20 percent is like some rare unicorn unless of course you’ve offered to volunteer or something. Second, anyone who has signed up for a Spartan race knows this isn’t a run of the mill $25-40 road race. Examples the Ohio Beast and Sprint (May 20-21) is at $200 and $150 right now. Pittsburgh Sprint which is in October (and also in Ohio for some reason) is at $90-100. Meaning we are talking $20+ off registration when you’re a Rewards member for an event you were already going to do and a hotel you were already going to need! Win-win, right?

What do you all think? Does this sound like a great program? Are you already a member? AROO!

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