Feel Beautiful Under Your Clothes AND At The Gym with AdoreMe!

Happy Wednesday everyone! Did you know in addition to being hump day today is also National Women’s Health and Fitness Day? Celebrating and promoting fitness for all ages and abilities, I think we can all agree it’s a good idea to care about your health on some level. I know it may seem like I stopped caring for a while when I gained weight, but as I’ve stated numerous times this just isn’t the case and while I have lost 20 pounds and continue to strive for better fitness and if I’m honest a slimmer appearance, these things take time. While they are taking time I am over here shopping in the pus sized world. Don’t get me wrong there’s nothing wrong with the plus sized world at first glance, but as anyone in it or most media outlets lately will remind you, sometimes it just isn’t fun or easy to SHOP in the plus sized world.

Enter AdoreMe and their connection to helping with health and fitness goals.

AdoreMe is a NYC based lingerie company known for their custom orders. Stocking sizes XS – 4XL depending on the item and bras sizes up to 46G, they strive to help women of all shapes and sizes feel beautiful under their clothes (and the prices aren’t so bad either). Recently I was asked to help share some big news with you all and (disclosure) although I’m not being paid (it’s true) I have heard enough wonderful things and liked what I saw enough to agree to pass along this announcement.

Starting in October 2016 AdoreMe will add more to their bras, panties, corsets and sleepwear. Soon ladies (or gentlemen, I don’t think they judge) will also be able to order activewear! Personally I am BEYOND excited about this, because so many of my favorite lines don’t extend into plus territory and those that do carry a XL or XXL I’m very concerned what they think XL or XXL means in sizes.

Over the years I have read COUNTLESS wonderful things about AdoreMe and their lingerie and there is no reason to suspect the same level of quality won’t be placed in their Activewear line as well. Plus look at how cute everything is in the preview pics!

mariam_plus_6043_branding mariam_plus_1544_branding

I’m seriously going to have to get those amazing purple floral/abstract capri pants in these plus size Mariam!

deepthi_1826_branding deepthi_1819_branding The corset lacing design on the side of these Deepthi pants fits any “bad ass chick”‘s personality. CrossFit? Sure! Mud run? You bet!

mala_plus_0861_branding mala_plus_0841_branding

Since purple is my favorite color I’m also eyeing this gorgeous Mala Plus number.

Remember keep an eye out in Oct at www.adoreme.com/workout-clothes.html for the launch of these items and in the meantime maybe treat yourself to one of their lingerie packages?

What do you all think? Have you worn AdoreMe before? Are you excited for the launch of their new activewear line? What types of things will you do today to celebrate National Women’s Health and Fitness Day?

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