3 Back-to-School Morning Routine Tips For the Whole Family

Back-to-School Morning Routine Tips For the Whole Family
Even if you don’t have school aged children it’s rather apparent it’s back-to-school time in the United States. From the start of August to the start of September my news-feed flows with pictures of first days of new chapters. Just because you may not have a child going to school this time around, doesn’t mean you can’t jump on the trend of wanting to start a routine that will lead to a happy, healthier, better version of you! Oh and just because you “aren’t a people” doesn’t mean you can’t join in either.
Milk-Bone wants you to know….Dogs and their human companions have something very important in common: both are creatures of habit. 
I was very excited when I was contacted and asked to share some information with my readers about Milk-Bones healthy morning treats. Emme and I have been using Milk-Bone products in our daily routines her whole life. From the MacroSnacks for random “cookies” to the Brushing Chews to help with her teeth she is a true Milk-Bone Fan. So much in fact when her package arrived this is what it looked like when I came home from work.
Like most crazy dog ladies, I love my fur-baby so of course with school starting—it’s the perfect time to make sure the whole family gets off on the right paw with the right habits at the start of the day. (Plus it’s so much more fun when the whole family is involved!)
1Get active with your four-legged trainer in the morning.
40% of doggy mommies and daddies do healthy things with their pups at the same time that they do healthy things for their families. By adding doggy exercise to the rest of your family’s morning routine, your dog can actually begin to encourage the rest of your family to stay active!
Anyone who follows my social media knows Emme is an adventure dog and LOVES to be outside!
199875_946058219814_2567334_n 247160_10101488684750854_676053031_n
She also takes after her Mommy and LOVES to sleep in too!
Emme in bed 20160901_083010
Luckily one of the adults in the house makes sure she gets some time in the grass every morning ….
….and when things go extra smoothly the three of us take a 1 mile walk around the block. We all agree it keeps us much calmer and happier during the day and it just plain feels good!
 2. Involve your kids in caring for Fido (and for themselves).
Dogs, just like young kids, need role models. 57% of dog parents who also have human children involve their kids in caring for their pet—instilling responsibility and good daily habits like brushing their teeth and taking their vitamins.
I must admit I have always been a poor puppy parent in this department. Another lucky for us aspect is that my boyfriend grew up around dogs and totally loves them. He is always asking to brush her, brush her teeth and give her healthy snacks and exercise. Which leaves me time in the morning to sleep and then do my own routine of teeth brushing and vitamin taking. Haha! Oh and of course time for the whole family to snuggle and get extra morning kisses! The BEST part of waking up if you ask me.
3. Make sure your dog consistently receives the nutrients necessary to live a long and happy life.
1 in 3 pet parents are confused about what’s needed for proper pet nutrition, meaning many pup parents are unaware that their dogs’ diets may be lacking in essential nutrients.  Milk-Bone Good Morning Daily Vitamin Treats were created specifically to promote your dog’s well-being and longevity. So when you’re giving your kids their daily vitamins, remember that your pup needs their nutrient-packed treats too.  Your dog adds so much to the family—make sure to take care of him/her for the long-term!
I don’t know about your dogs, but clearly mine doesn’t know how to make “healthy” choices…
Don’t worry we didn’t let her eat it! The point being like many children she wants something fun, we want something healthy for her. Enter our lifelong relationship with Milk-Bone to the rescue.
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If you think you want to add Milk-Bone to your morning routine you can learn more about Milk-Bone’s Good Morning Daily Vitamins on their site. Or copy and paste this link:
What are your family’s favorite morning routines? Tell me how you and your pooch get ready to take on the day in the comments section below!

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