Race Report : The Great Inflatable Race

Hello again! Moving right along if you read these in order, is my race report for the weekend after I did the night time 5K with Dave. On Saturday July 9th my sister and my friend joined me for what was supposed to be an amazing bouncing castle 5K. I wrote that weirdly, because it DID end up being that, although I had a lot on my mind.

See, I didn’t do well with turning 32 this year. I may have mentioned it in a previous post (or not) but for some reason I was feeling very not in control of my own life and my own choices. Most of all I was feeling totally out of control with my body. I didn’t want to take pictures, I didn’t want to smile, I felt fat and I felt gross, because quite simply I was. For me “fat” isn’t a weight, it’s a feeling. A size 2 can feel fat just as much as a size 22 or size 42. Saturday the 9th I was unhappy. Monday the 11th I started my diet and exercise program and 5 weeks later I am down 16 pounds so I guess I can say at least I did something about it. As for the rest of my complaints, I did something about them too!

On to the race. Becky and Liz picked me up at some terrible time in the morning haha and we all rode up to Cleveland. The race was held at Victory Park which I have never heard of, but clearly is home to many soccer fields. When we arrived we could see all the inflatables in the field in a big circle. Side note, I guess there’s another race with a similar name, but with 5K in the title. This one is called “race” and it isn’t always a 5K, the Cleveland version however was, lucky us? Haha.


After checking in we waited FOREVER in line to start. I think they tried to space everyone out, but we were still on top of each other at different obstacles and there was one section of JUST walking before the finale, but people figured out it was a loop and cut the course short. I don’t really blame them, especially if they had smaller children. The first obstacle I stepped up on and went SPLAT on my face. You can see it behind us in the pics, it’s blue and green, shaped like a shoe and the image inflatable for the logo. I have no core strength or balance so naturally I was awesome at all these inflatables haha. I wiggled my way up the side and down the slide before spilling out into the grass and losing my hat. I was laughing and sweating. This was no bouncy castle, it was WORK, but it was fun!

I don’t have any personal pics, so here are pics from the event itself to give you an idea about the different inflatables

13680768_1072603669472855_2887184768960507008_n 13615063_1072603069472915_8619324161015180372_n 13615123_1072603452806210_221045228361601613_n 13654251_1072602796139609_4183199231495313127_n 13627157_1072602512806304_6659604239328549224_n

The last one was the only one I skipped. That thing was MASSIVELY high in person and there was a steep slide on the other side as the finish. I don’t do heights. There were a few others I was up on top and went to slide down and my heart skipped a beat and this was probably about 2x as high as any of those. Becky and Liz went down and Becky admitted the height even got to her so I’m glad I chickened out!

At the end of it all I was glad to be done. I wondered if I was in “better” shape if I would like it more. I spent a lot of time crawling whenever I’d lose my balance. I also wonder if I knew it was going to be “work” and not just bouncing if I would have had more fun? Not saying I didn’t have fun, don’t get me wrong, but I think people should be prepared for a work out when they go! I honestly would like to do it again next year if the opportunity presents itself and with any luck I can give you a proper comparison.

In grand conclusion though….Thanks for the bday gift sister! I really am glad we went!


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