Race Report : Hofbräuhaus Cleveland 5k

A week ago Dave, my sister and I went up to Cleveland for a lovely little 5K. I don’t recall when or how I heard about this event, but I saw it was reasonably priced, and came with great SWAG plus for some reason Dave had the day off from work so what was stopping us? We loaded into the car and headed out way early in the AM for us old peeps who sleep in all the time. ha.

Driving up Dave was cracking me up because he was complaining about it being cold. It was early and it was colder than the typical 90+ degrees we were used to suffering through, but it wasn’t any colder than he likes to keep the air, ya know? The event was taking place at a restaurant we knew well since it was directly next to the building we saw all our plays at over the last year. We parked and walked over for packet pick up. Immediately I saw my line had about 10-15 people in it (not bad) and his had maybe 1. Or that person could have been getting pins off the table who knows. I jokingly said he needs to hurry up and marry me so I can have a last name more conducive to race packet pick up.


The shock of the morning came when I picked up my stuff and my sister hadn’t picked up hers! WHOA since when do I beat anyone to an event? Very suspicious. Sadly it was suspicious because she wasn’t feeling well. ) ; Luckily she felt better before we actually started and ended up running a FANTASTIC race! Here I am mid sentence saying “Good Luck Sister” as we ran across the start. We all agreed to run our own race and meet up at the end.


The course itself was rather uneventful as many city 5Ks are to be honest. We ran about a mile to a mile and half down the main road (it was closed) and by the time we started it was hot as balls. By mid race it was about hell temperature and you don’t even want to know what it was when we finished. Haha. Mile one I was excited to see I made it in 14 minutes. Mind you that isn’t anything to really write home about, but when I have been not able to run at all and barely making 20+ minute miles a month ago, that 14 minute mile made my heart flutter (in a good way).

My personal goal was to run around 15 minute miles and finish around 45 mins at the end. I was on track but also very drained from the heat. I was somewhat heat acclimated from walking at break on lunch, but really no where near comfortable. We turn the corner and quickly turned again to run back parallel to the first street. At this intersection was water (YES) and the funniest thing all route. I heard this “pop” or “slam” noise and turned to look thinking a car hit a curb. Nope. Instead I saw a police officer half bent over the hood of the car (from the side, he wasn’t hit) and yelling “I TOLD YOU TO STOP”. I can only conclude the cop slammed his fist into the hood of the car. Haha. You go sir!

Freshly hydrated I tried to keep running, but by mile two I was exhausted! I believe I made it there in 32 minutes which wasn’t far from my goal, but was quite a bit longer for this mile than the first. The rest of the race I death walk/jogged with a BUNCH of other people, and we all just smiled and cheered as the 10K option crowd zoomed past glistening in the sun from their sweat.

I did manage to run again at the end when I KNEW it was the end AND it was downhill. I crossed the finish line according to my watch just around 50 minutes and official time says around 49 minutes! Number 87 of 96 in my age group ( ; I was VERY proud of myself and truly think it showcases just how far I’ve come in the last month of my diet and exercise. Dave was about 3 minutes faster than me and Becky was about 3 minutes faster than him. We all easily caught up at the end and got in line for our free bratwurst, beer, and souvenir glass. Oh and of course we have finisher medals!


The three of us sat outside for about an hour talking and listening to the outside band. I thought the inside was closed, but apparently we missed quite the party judging by these event photos!

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The only bad part about this race (IMHO) was the heat and whatcha gonna do about that in NE Ohio in August? I will most certainly consider doing this race again next year and hope a lot more friends can join in too!

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