Race Report : LifeCenter Plus Indoor Tri 2016

One of the best moments in March was when I took 3rd place in my AG for the indoor tri at LCP. Liz turned me onto this particular tri 2 years ago when we both took home medals for our age group.

2014 LCP winners

I was already an indoor tri fan and this was basically within walking distance from my house. No joke, when I was in high school my sister and I would walk from our house to the movie theater. The gym is actually closer than the theater and my current house is a little farther than my Mom’s, but it’s about the same distance. In fact out of curiosity I just Google Mapped it (that’s a verb now, right?) and it’s 2.2 miles from my place to LCP.

I had a point….yes, so I was easily swayed to try this event 2 years ago, especially because it involved some of my favorite people in the multi-sport community. Last year Liz was sick and I wasn’t feeling great either (remember the cysts and surgery) so I passed on the event as a solo venture. We were back for 2016 though and we brought my sister and our new friend Jill from the other two tris we did this year!


This event was organized as a 20/20/20 minute for each section triathlon.

Arriving on site I had a few spare minutes, but not too much. Entering the main doors I was directed to my left where I went inside a small room where people sat at tables with laptops. I was checked in by being given a number, a goodie bag and picking out my shirt. Then I was directed back the way I came to the locker rooms on the other side of the front desk/lobby area.

The locker room is very neat and tidy and the lockers are spacious. I placed my gear in an ideal set up, tried to use the bathroom one last time, and made my way out the doors in the back to the pool area. We used the lap pool and had to share a lane, but after two other tris and 3 endurance challenges I was used to staying to myself in the water. The sis and I shared again and before I knew it we were off. I did a lot better about not feeling like I wanted to or was going to drown, but I still didn’t have the ease I was feeling during the endurance swims this winter. I really do not know why. However, I did try to push myself as much as possible and when all was said and done I managed to grab 14 laps or .44 miles! My first tri at Twilight I did 15 so I was only .03 miles shorter this time around.

group swim LCP

action swim LCP

I’m not sure how long transition time was and can’t find it on the site, but I believe it was a very generous 10 minutes. The sis and I chatted along with Jill and Liz and I took my sweet time drying and getting dressed. Remembering how irritating it is to put on tight pants when you’re wet, I opted for my “fat girl” pants to make it easier. OK OK in all fairness they’re lose yoga pants. Sheesh.

Hurrying to the bikes I was mad at myself for taking my sweet time when I couldn’t get it adjusted the way I wanted and felt a little too rushed when they started the timer. My fault 100%, but still I was flustered. To make matters “worse” I couldn’t get my phone to work and/or stay in my pocket. I gave up and placed it on the bike and listened to the music and cheering provided. Honest to goodness I think they were calling out the wrong times on purpose to play motivation games with us, but it could have just been me not hearing correctly. By the halfway mark I was over 4 miles and was feeling perfect. Quickly things went downhill though. My stomach completely dropped down and felt sick, I was seeing black and white spots everywhere and I could not focus for the life of me. I tried slowing down, but that seemed to make it worse. For whatever reason I decided I was either going to keep pedaling or I’d fall off the bike. What was the worst that would happen if I fell off? I’d lose 10 years of my memory? (What Alice Forgot fans?)

Spin LCP

My interesting ride accumulated 7.12 miles. For comparison I did 8.6 at JCC the month prior.

With my stomach a little more under control I death marched over to the track starting line during the transition which I think was 5 minutes. Finally my phone and Pandora started working again and when they said “go” I went for it. At first I tried to hang with Jill, but after a while I needed to drop back. In the beginning I think I was ahead of Becky and Liz too, but that was short lived it it ever was a thing anyway. Some of my favorite songs played and I was super proud of myself because I don’t think I walked at any part, even if I was jogging in slow motion. On the last lap around I THOUGHT I heard them say “30 seconds” and I knew I’d never make it and was walking. Jill and Liz come up behind me and pointed out it was “90 seconds” but it was too little too late for me and I missed having my last lap counted by like 10 feet. I kid you not. I was still really proud though because I grabbed 1.67 miles! YAY! remember my first tri I did 1.13 and the last run was 1.25, so this was a HUGE jump in progress.

track LCP

Since Liz managed to get her last lap to count I can tell you that tally was 1.78 and just like the time I barely missed my swim so I counted it in my mind, I’m counting this as my physical run distance too.

The ONLY reason I continue to kick myself over it is I missed second place AG by … get this … .01 of a mile total! Ack! I mean that’s those 10 feet of running, that’s one extra push of the bike. Oy! Although in all fairness, the only reason I placed in my AG at all is because the three overall winners were in my age and you can’t double dip so the rest of us were bumped up by default…my favorite type of bumping.

award solo LCP

Jill took first place and Becky second in their age group, which made the day even more special.

medals LCP

LCP is certainly an amazing event in its own right. The best SWAG so far of any event this year and such an encouraging and beginner friendly tri. Below is a pic of the SWAG. An exercise journal, brown rice, healthy snack chips and an exercise resistance band!

swag LCP

If my local friends were looking for an event I would hands down suggest this as a starting point and once they fall in love they can come to all the others too! haha! It was a spectacular way to end my indoor tri season and it keeps me hopeful for what can happen in 2017.

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