Monsters & Gladiators 5K

A few weeks back Dave and I decided to head on up to Cleveland for a fun community 5K. I assumed as it was aimed at families there would be walkers and other people not taking things too seriously. I was mostly right, except for the part where the boyfriend takes these things seriously.

We woke up and it was snowing. He felt the need to point this out non stop. He kept asking if I wouldn’t rather go back to bed. Well, yes of course I would, but that’s part of why I gained 60 pounds now isn’t it? Also, I am broke (a theme now, get used to it) so since I paid for both of our entries I kinda didn’t wanna see $50 blow away in a white puffy drift.

After getting ready in winter related clothing instead of the spring attire I had planned, we were out the door and on our way. When we got there I gathered our bibs and shirts and we headed to the starting corral. As we were “warming up” I heard him say



Inspirational, right?

My phone didn’t feel like letting Pandora work, because why would it? So Dave decided to run with me at the last minute. For several weeks leading up to the event I was trash talking about beating him. The morning of the event my stomach hated me and I was deeply saddened at the loss of my assured victory. We left from the basketball/hockey arena and headed toward the highway before taking a turn to run across bridge into the city.

Here is an action shot captured by the event. Look toward the back, the guy with the shirt tied around his neck and next to him the girl messing with her headphones lol black jacket and blue shirt.


As we ran the bridge my calf muscles ached a lil but I felt like I was keeping up. Then my stomach started to act up and at the risk of TMI I’m gonna say it…I trusted a fart I really really really should not have trusted.

I was dead on devastated. Dave told me it was probably a good idea to head back. I realized what was done was done, and if we headed back now I’d have to walk nearly another mile anyway. Why not walk 2 more instead of 1 more and get my medal. He reluctantly agreed and said it was up to me as I was the one “dealing with an issue”. We walked the rest of the race, which was as unpleasant as it sounds.

While I was DEEPLY upset I wasn’t running or able to run I was also proud I didn’t stay in bed and proud I didn’t turn back with my tail between my legs. We finished very close to last. How close? We were 694 and 695 out of 698 people. Which is why he decided it’s too hard for him to finish “last” and he will go to events but only if he can go all out. As much as I’m sad about this I also understand I need to support his needs as much as I want him to support mine. We will find compromises. Not everyone is lucky enough to even have a partner who supports their efforts, the least I can do is let mine have his own style.

And looking at this finisher’s pic, he oozes style.


Despite all my positive self talk, I continued to feel half sorry for myself until we got home and I was able to shower and relax with a book.

I can’t comment too much on the extras of the race as we arrived right before it started, finished late and left ASAP. I can say we paid like 20 or 25 bucks and in return there was a long sleeve tech shirt, medals for all finishers and codes for a free entry into the local hockey and football (minor league) games. As someone who likes the sport more than the team this was a registration jackpot for me!

All in all it wasn’t the worst experience, but I don’t know I would go back. Probably if I had someone who would then go with me to the games!

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