Race Report : JCC Indoor Triathlon 2016

Sunday Jan 31st I participated in the 9th annual JCC indoor triathlon. NINE years? Holy cow. I’ve done this race every year except 2012 when I was required to sit out due to medical reasons (heart procedure). I can’t believe I’ve been doing this event for nearly a decade and all I can say is I hope to be doing it for another decade too!


Liz and I planned on doing this race months ago (I always plan on doing it) and when I learned they moved it up to the end of Jan I was quite pleased. Last year it was on Feb 22. I don’t know why, but I had a good warm feeling about the shift. Then this weekend I spent the entire day Friday throwing up. Which I explained already and moving on…Saturday I wasn’t sick but I was feeling out of sorts, as one will when one has spent the previous day in a war with their stomach. Sunday I woke feeling 100% better, but hesitant to go to the tri. I may have my tummy under wraps, but I still felt weird and I was super bloated. Still, I didn’t feel sick enough to justify losing the entry fee so I headed out the door.

For this event the times and transitions were a little different from 2 weeks ago.

  • 15 min swim
    • 10 min transition
  • 20 min cycle
    • 7 min transition
  • 20 min run

I LOVE having the longer transition from swim to bike (TWICE as much time) but since I see swimming as a strong sport for me, losing those 5 mins of swimming bums me out in general.

We forgot to ask to be in the same wave so Liz was 2 waves ahead of me. I tried to look for her when I arrived, but as usual I’m on my own clock and had just enough time to change and get in the pool after checking in. oops. Once in the pool I was glad I DID listen to getting in the water 10 mins early. First because my body wasn’t adjusting to the temperature as well as I would have liked. Second because they started the wave early since we were all there! Ahh!

Before getting into the pool a girl waiting on her wave complimented my suit. She said it was her 1st indoor tri and she was a member at the JCC. They had a training program and she was super excited. I was excited for her! As I was entering the pool another girl complimented my suit! Woot. I was in fashion heaven.

I didn’t get any actual action shots in the water, but here’s basically what it looked like:


Right away I knew something was wrong. I could NOT I mean could NOT keep my face in the water. I kept gagging and dry heaving. I flipped to my back and did that stroke the FULL 15 MINUTES. Ugg. Everyone around me was buzzing by and my heart was breaking. I was happy to be there, but still wishing I could be BETTER. Ya know? In the end I manged to get 20 lengths (10 laps) was was par for my performance at the 3 swim challenges. I was pleased with this and knowing I would have been better if my stomach didn’t hate me.

While transitioning to the bike I overheard some people say the bikes was super low on resistance this year and the trick wasn’t to push hard but the keep steady. Entering the studio I kept this in mind and sure enough they were super easy to pedal this year!

I was bummed the light show didn’t happen and the music was “spin class music” where I always loved this event because they played pop music instead. I don’t want spin music I can’t get lost in club music. I want something I can sing along to in my head and pass the time.


I pushed as steady as I could and tried to maintain about 100 RPM (I did and even got it over 110 a few times) what I didn’t know was they max out at 120 and when I was pushing at the end the 120 wasn’t too much more so I regret knowing I didn’t give it “my all”. I cranked out 8.6 miles. Liz stopped by to wave a few times as her wave was done at this point.

Up the steps to the run she joined and chatted for a second. I told her how much I wanted to throw up. Haha. She encouraged me to keep doing my best.

For the run portion my goal was to walk a mile. That’s it. I only wanted to walk a mile and be done. Then Liz was so perky and the teen acting as my counter we sweet and perky and everyone in my wave was in the best mood it seemed. It was contagious! I found myself “jogging” instead of walking. I found myself finishing a quarter mile of jogging and still going. I found myself at 1/2 a mile and NOT half done with the minutes!

Running JCC

By the end of the 20 minutes I managed to “jog” 1.25 miles which is the BEST I’ve done in a long time especially after swimming and cycling at full force. I was really over the moon with my efforts.

Although I HATE every single one of the pics from the event I also know they’re the reality of what’s happening. I was bloated and you can see it. I was wearing a shirt much too big and it made me look even larger than I am. Look at the two pics from each event 2 weeks apart.

side by side

Looking at my race reports from previous years though, makes me less hard on myself.

In 2013 I had 23 swim laps 5.4 miles on the bike and 22 run laps

in 2014 I had 22 swim laps 8.8 miles on the bike and 21 run laps

in 2015 I had 21 swim laps 7.5 miles on the bike and 17 run laps

In 2016 I had 20 swim laps 8.6 miles on the bike and 15 run laps.

All in all, yes I did get “worse” but I’m not a giant freak of nature embarrassment. It doesn’t mean I can look the other way with my weight, but it does mean I can give myself a break and keep moving forward as lovingly as possible.

Of course the best part came at the end


Cue the heavenly music !!! It felt fantastic to be massaged after such an effort. Wonderful addition to the line up this year!

After the event Liz and I went to dinner where she had a sandwich made of french toast and I had a burger (no judgement, right)? Can’t wait for our next indoor tri in March!

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