Race Report : The Great Pumpkin Run

A while back I had this crazy vision. I was running through a corn maze, I was out of breath and could hear voices all around, but I couldn’t see anyone. With each step I became more certain the end was in sight and I wasn’t about to let go of my precious cargo.

At least I imagined the Tough Pumpkin option would be almost this level of fun and crazy when I agreed to sign up for the Great Pumpkin Run in Akron. It’s a 5K and I figured I was up for it, and hoped I’d lose weight before it happened. We all know how well that’s going. (Rolls eyes). So this is a rather picture free post, because I refuse to be in more pictures than absolutely needed.


Although I knew a TON of people going, only 4 ended up on our “team”. Myself, my sister, my friend Liz and her friend. We met at Liz’s house around 800 AM and drove the 30-ish minutes to Maize Valley Winery. The course was held at a local farm. We ran through a much picked over pumpkin patch (kinda flat, but muddy/grassy/bumpy. Then up and down the hills of a Christmas tree farm. Back down through the pumpkin patch again and into a corn maze. Well it wasn’t a “maze” when we ran since it was nicely blocked off. This part was just as creepy in the day as they are at night (because we were running I think). Those suckers are not easy to navigate. I have a new level of respect for those doing it in a horror movie.

I tried to jog a majority of the course, but I was wearing very much the wrong shoes and to this day I am limping because I majorly bruised my foot. Figures. Haha. I did a lot better than I thought I would, but still not good enough to keep up with my friends. It’s so weird to go from middle of the pack to way back of the pack in one running season.


After the race we were given small cups of cider and small pumpkins to take home. This is in addition to the pumpkin we ran with, and the two medals we all received as well. One medal for the race itself, one for doing the tough pumpkin option.  When I walked over to the table I wanted to pick a pumpkin for Dave, since I already had one. I didn’t think I was in the way or anything, just looking at the pumpkins and thinking of which one he would like.Trust me it wasn’t a mission to find the best one ever. One of the volunteers looked at me and said “None of them are perfect, just pick one!” I was about to hit her with my pumpkin…but that would be assault with a weapon I’m sure and no one has any time for felonies. I grabbed one and walked away giving her stink eye because TAKE THAT.

Now the tough pumpkin option….was not as “tough” as we feared. They advertised it as carrying a pumpkin with you the whole time you’re running. The pumpkin could be “up to 10 pounds” but no other details were given. My sister picked up everyone’s packets and pumpkins the night before in hopes of good picks. She said all the pumpkins were “small”. I BELIEVE our range include a 4.2 lb, 4.4 lb, 5.5 lb and 6.2 lb? Something very close. I ended up with the 4.2 lb, although I did want something heavier. Hey if I can’t run at least let me be proud of something I did out there!


We all crossed with our pumpkins in tact, and I can say it wasn’t heavy to carry it while walking/jogging/running, but it was awkward after a while. Especially when running since I’m so used to hands at my side and pumping motions. I didn’t even realize this until I couldn’t do it due to the lovely orange squash in my possession.

Overall it was a really fun event and I’d love to do it next year. I’d also love to be about 50 pounds lighter and not wear shoes that bruise my feet, but hey I’m honestly just glad to be out there and trying. Next up…a turkey trot in a few weeks! Gobble gobble.


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