Race Report : Hall of Fame 5K

Still playing catch up with the reports.

Back in April I was able to take part in a great new series, the Hall of Fame 5K down in Canton, OH.


The fun part of this race was the idea of getting a “high five” from a football player at the end of the event.


The other fun part was the medal, a HUGE gold ring.


While I didn’t care too much about getting the “high five” except until I DIDN’T because he left before the slower runners/walker finished….HOW RUDE….I DID appreciate the giant HOF gold ring. In fact I appreciated it so much most of you probably noticed I changed my Facebook Fan Page picture.


Honestly, the best part of this race for me was doing it with my friend Kim. Kim and I got to know each other at Weight Watchers last year and the two of us would walk with our other friend Tiffany a few nights a week before life starting getting in the way. She was even the one who got Tiffany to do her first 5K last fall. Kim takes health seriously and we loving called her “Boot-camp Kim”, but in reality, that’s a wonderful trait.

Kim was slightly pregnant when we did this event:


The course itself wasn’t too bad. In fact it was VERY walker friendly, with a few parts for challenges. At one point there was a HUGE outdoor staircase and some of the runners were going up and down. Many of the parents had their kids doing it too. Not sure if they want fit kids,or tired kids, but to me that’s a win-win in either direction. Unless the tired kids are cranky and refuse to take a nap…hmm..

I remember part of the end of the course went along a waterway (probably a canal) and it was very pretty to see the spring trees, and lots of birds all over. Very peaceful and very “new beginning” in the air. We basically walked around local neighborhoods and down near a park, away from the school and back toward the Football Hall of Fame. Oh and there was an EXPO on site too, which we all went to afterward to learn about other local races, products we never knew existed and now we needed to have, and other such typical finds.

At the end her husband and son were waiting for her and it was super fun to see how proud he was of his Mom and having him cheer.


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After the event I went on their website and started looking for other locations in the series. To me it is always a good sign when I’m excited to do an event again so much I don’t want to wait a whole year! Unfortunately the other dates conflicted with different races or different plans I already made for the year. So all I can say is I want to do it next year and if it’s in your area you should DEFINITELY consider signing up.

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  1. It’s sad to hear about Dan leaving too early and how rude it was too you but all in all I see it was a fun and great race after all. Great work for you and for Kim! Cheers! 🙂

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