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Two weeks ago my lovely sister was kind enough to make the drive down toward Columbus to meet up with two of our other friends (Liz and Aaron) to tackle the Savage Race!

We knew it was going to be better weather than Spartan Beast and we knew it was going to be shorter than Spartan Beast so we were very happy campers (more on that in another post).

Savage was located at a ski resort, so those lovely slopes people LOVE to fly down when freshly covered in white? We were running UP and down those suckers. Well the idea was to be running up and down, we more of less ambulated in some fashion in the generally intended direction. This is a pic Liz posted from her 2014 Savage experience.


And here is an event photo from this year’s race (we are not in it, but I thought it gave a good perspective). All those white swirls in the background? That’s where we started.


The four of us went down the night before and stayed in a hotel (THANKS AARON!) because we hate to run late and we are all anxiety ridden fools about finding other people the day of the event. Dave and his crew came down the day of the event. We were both signed up MONTHS before meeting each other and had very different goals in mind so we opted to run our events with our original groups. We did all meet before for a quick hug and I love you.


Getting into the event was fun (IMO) we crawled over or under a series of metal planks and bars and at one point went under the tented net obstacle while people racing were climbing over our heads. We listened to the loud and unable to be understood announcer and we were off! The VERY first thing you do is run up the GIANT ski slope noted above. I thought I was doing OK until Dave showed me some of his GoPro and I was all “WTF am I doing with my legs? Oh well, at least I don’t look fat!” Yep #Priorities

I won’t do a play by play, but I will tell you the highlights. The entire course was about 6 miles and there were 30 obstacles. By far the most obstacle heavy or highest obstacle per mile ratio of event I have done. Honestly, I liked it this way. As someone who isn’t back to running yet, I didn’t have time to worry or feel sorry for myself when we were constantly twisting our bodies into new positions. This also helped tremendously with pain as I wasn’t using too much of the same muscle group too many times in a row.

Savage race was a not a race where you can plan to stay dry. A good mix of water and mud, I wouldn’t want to wear anything “nice” and I wouldn’t risk wearing anything that might chafe. Also, make sure your shoes are securely fastened! They have a great mix of obstacles too. Things for upper body, lower body, all over body. Ha. Things where if you’re afraid of heights you can skip and things were you could do it on your own or it totally required the help of friends or course-mates. I like the idea of encouraging teamwork over competition.

Obstacles I skipped included Davey Jones’ Locker (jumping off a 15 foot platform into the water). Not sure but my fear of heights caught up to me. Same with the 40 foot Colossus slip-n-slide. Although that one was also scary because I hate going down a slope FAST. I’m weird I know it. I also skipped one or two of the walls at the end because they were muddy and people were not being safe. OH yeah and the giant ice bucket thing. It just didn’t seam safe with my heart health history.

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Obstacles I failed included anything where I had to pull my body using just my arms AKA any of the monkey bar version obstacles.


Obstacles I loved were anything close to the ground or relied on leg power. I love all the army crawls and versions there of. I loved the balance beam even though I fell off into the water.Jumping over fire at the end is always a blast. Over under logs (especially when I do it by myself) dragging or hoisting bricks of cement or other heavy objects and all the shoulder carries.

20181247_race_0.3703186186209907.display 20189134_race_0.7419059154618971.display

I’ve decided with the mud runs I would give as much of an honest review as I could. Yes, I struggle. Yes I hate the heat. Yes I am out of shape (in a way). This isn’t a reflection on the event though and I don’t want to say anything negative which is out of their control.

Other pros of this race: I think they did a great job with the waves. I didn’t wait long and it didn’t ever feel crowded. The lines at obstacles generally went quickly. Pictures are free and very well done. The shower and changing area was spacious and effective (ish) I mean how effective can you be unless you’re at home with a power hose and bleach? Plenty of water stations and each station gave full sized bottles of COLD water. Great use of their given section of land. Very nice event shirts and even though I couldn’t drink it, I liked the option of water of sports drink at the end.

Over all I would consider doing this event again and my sister is already texting me about taking advantage of early discounts and codes. ( ;   I did have a few mini and moderate break downs in the heat and over my lack of “ability”. I decided I need to get more weight off before doing more of these events and I”m glad I deferred my July Spartans to August.

Any feedback from the peanut gallery?  Have you done a Savage Race? What did you think compared to other mud runs?

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  1. This is one of my favorite series. I love how well organized it is. Things like not too many people in the waves and plenty of cold water stations make a big difference. I absolutely love the obstacles. I think they are a good mix of challenging and fun. Only the hills are miserable but even then they are manageable. I like the feeling of accomplishment the added hills gave. I don’t mean to plug a pair of mud run shoes but I feel after this event and the spartans, I should say I love my ice bugs. I did these in regular shoes in prior years and there was lots of slipping and getting stuck in the mud. I didn’t have these issues with that shoe. While it does tear the feet a little bit, we found that wrapping/taping our feet prevented blisters and rubbing and it was worth it for the extra traction. I look forward to doing this series again and I am so glad you got to join us this yr! I love this race! It’s one of my two favorites and that’s saying a lot as you know Aaron and I pretty much live mud runs lol.

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