Race Report : Badass Dash

Over the weekend I went with my friend Liz and her fiance Aaron to Zoar for the Badass Dash. I was a little familiar with the race, because the 50K I keep attempting in November is called Bills’ Badass and the group was making fun of the event last year on Facebook. Needless to say there was a small part of me feeling ashamed or embarrassed for going, like I was betraying my friends. However, I more so felt happy and excited because after my experience with Spartan the weekend before, I knew I was in for a great day.


Badass Dash was SIGNIFICANTLY shorter and more of a “casual” race than Spartan. Where Spartan was about 11 miles long and had over 20 obstacles, Badass was a 7K (a little over 4 miles) and contained 33 obstacles. We barely had a chance to walk and recover before going into the next challenge. Luckily, like I said, they weren’t always overly demanding.


We began the race and the first thing we did was 10 push-ups. I tried my best to do “real” push-ups even if I couldn’t get much motion. We then zig-zagged up and down the side of a hill for a little bit before reaching “turtle hurdles” which were flags on a rope very close to the ground and easy to simply walk over.

Over the next mile we did other things such as 5 somersaults, climbing hay bales, crawling through very small tubes, high knees through tires and jumping over mud pits. I attempted to go through a mud pit and fell over. The mud turned into a quick-sand and I was quickly engulfed up to my waist and when I fell forward my arms were trapped to my shoulders. I honestly was panicking a little and couldn’t breath for a moment. Aaron came back to get me after Liz and I had our laughs and one of the volunteers radioed about getting a rope for the the vehicle to pull me out. Yikes!


The next section had a lot of nets. We army crawled under a net, and there was a different one where you laid on your back and shimmy up a hill. I was about 1/3 of the way up (using JUST my arms to pull my weight) when I looked around and realized people were using their feet by placing them in the cargo net and pushing up. Much suck is my life at times. Ha. PS…some pics aren’t me and my friends, I simply “borrowed” them from the Facebook page.


I don’t recall the order of everything else so let me just share the obstacles I remember.

Running up and and down a HUGE pile of gravel. Childhood dream achieved and ruined. Haha MUCH harder than you might think. We carried sandbags. We did monkeybars and pull-ups. Again I was proud to simply hold myself up instead of collapsing instantly. We “walked” across plastic floating squares on water (we crawled). We climbed a wall (I got 2/3 up this time). We did a potato sack race. We rolled a tire up and down the road. We climbed a cargo net up and over a semi-trailer. We ran up and down a HUGE HUGE hill about 10 times which took out my calves. We climbed under more nets and “wire”. We walked across a field of rocks. We used a rope to scale a different wall, which I failed at (oh well). We climbed wooden pallets up and and over to the other side and back down. We went down a GIANT slip-n-slide down one of the hills, which I was soooo scared because it went MUCH faster than I expected. Note more pictures of people who aren’t me or my friends. ( ;

10612547_633630076754823_2628296230240129706_n hay rocks slide wall

There were also ropes in the woods called “spider webs” we crawled through. Then later on another set like that but with water called a “human car wash”. One of the best parts was an inflatable area where we went through holes and over walls. Aaron to the rescue again, pushing us over the wall. OH and a whole section of hurdles, waist high hurdles I could barely walk over. NEED to work on my tight hips!


Not sure if that is all 33, but you get the idea. The weather was AMAZING and it was just a blast the entire time. I highly recommend the event if you’re local and looking for a good workout/race.

selfie podium

And I really wanna share this last picture, because I think I look skinny. Haha we were doing random outtakes and on the way back to the car there was a really pretty tree. I said “this looked like a senior picture tree” so Liz had me pose and I picked a “classic” senior pic stance.


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