You Don’t Lose Weight Just Because You Paid a Membership Fee

It’s funny to think I was bragging a few weeks ago about my fabulous progress with Weight Watchers. I was soooo proud and sooooo excited when I received my 16-week charm. Somehow though, I have started to fall off the edge. No, I shouldn’t say it so vaguely, I know exactly what is going “wrong”.

I started giving credit to the system, to the title, to the promotion, instead of giving credit to myself. Sure, it was a better system for me than counting calories. Sure, it was a better system because it allowed my whole milk and other full fat items. Sure, I was steadily losing weight for about 3 months. Weight Watchers alone didn’t make the weight go away though. I was the one who stopped eating 2 servings of breakfast every day of the week. I was the one who stopped eating candy all day at work “Just to get through”. I was the one who started walking at lunch and packing my meals.

Here’s the thing….those actions don’t get all the credit either. I wasn’t lying when I said paying my membership fee doesn’t magically make the weight fall off, but the thrill I get in being with “my people” does help. I have NOT missed a meeting in I believe 18-weeks and sure that’s great, it reminds me of the commitment I made. Sure I “only” gained about 3-4 pounds in the last month and clothing still fits, but the passion is gone. It’s gone because I started going to different meetings. I started missing my “home group” and making up for it elsewhere. There wasn’t a connection with the other people though, because I wasn’t attending every week and sharing my life as they share theirs.  When I did go to my “home group” I felt out of the loop. Know what I did about it? Sat in the back, on my phone and felt sorry for myself. Know what I should have done about it? Paid attention and given feedback.

My monthly fee doesn’t make me lose the weight.

Picking healthier foods a majority of the time contributes. Sharing my emotional ups and downs with others contributes. Going to the gym or finding another cardio related activity contributes. Life is a constantly changing and moving entity, there’s never going to be an easy solution to everything for all eternity. I’m thankful for convenience and I’m grateful to myself for sticking with my commitment, but it’s time to settle back into a routine. It’s time to go to work every day and come home to real food, to real plans, and to go to bed at a reasonable hour. This may cause a lot of shifting and heartache in the next few weeks, but it’s like we talked about at FitBloggin‘ , is what you’re doing now pleasurable? Is what you’re doing now sustainable? If not….what changes are you willing to make?

My life the last few weeks have been very pleasurable, but it is not at all sustainable if I intend to continue to be happy and to to achieve all my goals and dreams. So change I must, change I shall.

What if it isn’t a change though? What if it’s simply another aspect of myself I am letting take the lead? What if change doesn’t mean giving up or running away? What if change is like the seasons? There’s a time and place for it all….

One thought on “You Don’t Lose Weight Just Because You Paid a Membership Fee

  1. Keep it up Julie, and do it for you. I to at times stray off track. It’s hard to do it on your own, and I find that the support at home is not there for me. To many tempting food options always there in front of me, even though everyone knows I’ve been working on this for almost two years now. I do my walks / runs after work in hopes that everyone has eaten by the time I get home. This keeps me from seeing everything everyone is eating. 100 lbs. down and another 50 to reach my goal of 190. So get back to your home group and do this for you. Great job so far. John

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