Happy Birthday to ME

I am turning 30 today! I believe I am the only one of my friends this year or in years past who is EXCITED to be turning 30! I LOVE it. Mostly because I have been telling people I’m “in my 30’s” for a few years now, so now I’m not such a big fat liar. Of course I will be 30 the rest of my life, but we’ll cross that bridge in another 10 years. I don’t have anything too magical planned. Most of my friends have created adorable off-spring and it makes getting together a little trickier than I would like, but they make it up to me by posting great pictures on Facebook.

This weekend I will be going to Kennywood and then my crew and I will be spending the day in Pittsburgh. Next week at some point one of my VERY best friends is home for a few weeks so he will be meeting up with me for something spiffy. Anyway….enjoy these images of birthday happiness!


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4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to ME

  1. Happy Birthday!! Glad you are embracing it! I felt mostly the same way last year, I was really happy with where I was and feeling better than ever. Sounds like the same for you, which is great!

  2. Hi Julie,

    Happy Birthday!

    We’re interested in working with you, could you please email me on: amy @ loxleysports.com (please remove the spaces either side of the @ symbol).

    I look forward to hearing from you, best regards.


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