Race Report : The Electric Run Cleveland

On Friday night I tried to go to the Electric Run in Cleveland. On paper it had all the makings of a great event, and when all was said and done it wasn’t a terrible event, but the truth of the matter is, it wasn’t great. Here is my report – however short, because that’s about as long as my enjoyment lasted. I will fully admit as I share different aspects, my opinion is based on ME and not on FACTS, but hey it’s my blog, right?

First, I signed up for this event months upon months in advance. I signed up because I thought I’d be going with a guy I had started seeing ever so briefly, when that fell apart I didn’t think at all about making sure I had someone else to go with, after all it was months away and it SEEMED fun. Well, like many “theme” events, the organizers seem to care or need money and quickly the event became way out of my casual running friend’s budgets. My more serious running friends don’t do “theme” events.


We received emails prior to the race date letting us know the waves would begin at 9:15 and parking opens at 7:15 or something similar. I left with the plan to arrive around 8:00, since waves went until 10:00 I thought this would give me plenty of time. I sat in my car on the off ramp for over 2 hours. I wish I was kidding. When I finally made it into the parking area the waves were supposed to be done…luckily they kept them running since SO many people were “late”.

I was very upset despite the fiasco they were STILL charging people for parking…an additional $5. People may wonder why I didn’t simply go home at this point or even sooner. The truth is, because I am cheap. Because I was one of the first 25 people to register for the event I scored a free hooded sweatshirt (hoodie) which has LED around it and would light up in the dark. One of these puppies would normally be about $60, so since I was already there, why not pick it up.


Once inside the event it was smooth to get to sign in (another $5 to pick up your stuff…not kidding) and then over to merchandising for my shirt. They had me down for blue, but I thought I ordered green. The lady was super nice though and said they actually had a lot of green extra so she would swap it for me for free!



Since I didn’t take many pictures, if you want to see some photos, I would suggest popping over to SCENE to see their collection.

It was hot and dark, and I was hungry and tired and slightly dehydrated, but I chose to stay. I wanted to give it a chance. It had rained earlier in the night and the fairgrounds had flooded/gotten muddy. We all lined up in corral and waited our turn. Since I was being a sour puss I didn’t get any of my glow stuff out other than my hoodie. Eventually they set us into motion and we entered the field.

There were about 4-5 “light up” stations. Giant blown up decorations and lots of music and blinking colors. People stopped all over for group shots and it was really pretty and full of energy. Here’s the thing though, it wasn’t a “run” I could barely walk forward in some sections.

I’m OK with going somewhere for a race alone, when I can run and zone out. When I’m forced to slowly walk in a giant chunk of people, listening to inside jokes and watching couples make-out, it isn’t great.

When I left the parking was still a nightmare. However, the “party” in the field looked fun. If I had friends with me we could have totally hung out and danced and laughed and maybe drink responsibility.

Honestly, I don’t think I would do it again, even with a group of people. Not unless there were some major changes to the pricing and the way they set off waves. It was a great idea, but poorly executed. Like I said, it wasn’t going to be a great report, but how could it be with such a poor experience?

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  1. Many of these so called “Fun” Fundraiser get bad reviews. Just as you said great idea’s, but lack of planning. A lot of events are started by people who do not run or walk in such events and have no idea what participants really want.

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