Race Report : Riverfront Irish Festival 5K

When I was on my final week off from work about 2 weeks ago, I was playing around on the Internet (gasp!) and Active.com was running one of their “5 Free entries or a discount” specials. I wasn’t in a hurry to get anywhere, so when the time rolled around I clicked for the deal. Typically my connection isn’t fast enough. Luckily I recently upgraded my connection, plus the event is more of a local happening, so fewer people would be interested (I think). Guess what?! I snagged one of the entries! Yay!

irish 5k

Which means I did another 5K this past weekend. I was thinking about it later and I sometimes wish there was a way to recapture the magic of running a 5K. I’ve probably completed well over 100 in my years of running, maybe even closer to 150? The point being, if I’m not injured I’d willing race a 5K at the drop of a hat, where so many people honestly train and bust their butts on race day and for me, it’s usually just a way to kill time.

Of course this meant I wasn’t able to do a local tri, but I’m not really feeling the tri once it’s stupid hot out. Which makes soooo much sense, but it’s my logic nevertheless.

Saturday rolled around and I was T-I-R-E-D. I set my alarm and it said “Do you feel like running?” Honestly, that’s what I called the alarm. I was up very late the night before, actually I’ve been up very late several nights in a row and when I thought of waking early to run I wanted to throw up. Oddly enough I naturally woke up about 15 minutes before my alarm and decided to take advantage of the natural rhythm. I dressed and headed out the door.

Picked up my packet on site and had about 15 minutes before the race started. Yay for races which are like 5 miles from your house.


The race was part of a local Irish Festival and kicked off the day’s events. Most people were wearing green, including ME! A lot of people had on other festive gear too. For some reason I decided to suck and not take a lot of pictures. So please forgive ( ;

We began under a bridge/inside a tunnel. In all my years of living here and attending festivals in this area, I never knew about this bridge/tunnel. Sometimes I find this an advantage to local races, I see my city in a new frame of mind.

While I didn’t have an exact goal in mind, I did very much want to give it my all. After doing so well at previous races, I thought maybe I was getting my groove back. The course itself was a simple enough route through local neighborhoods and along roads not as frequently traveled. A few times we crossed paths with the faster (or slower) runners depending on which you were and where you were on course. I like doing this because it gives me more of a sense of “everyone is running together”. It also gives me a boost to get to the part they’re at and to keep running!

The two challenging parts for me were the slight uphill near the highway ramps and then the last part headed into the finish. My legs grew heavy and tired. I wasn’t sure if it was the level of sleeplessness I’ve had recently or if maybe I wasn’t as hydrated as I needed to be going into the final stretch. I gave it my all and crossed the finish line. I then quickly consumed a TON of water (which makes me think hydration was a factor) and scarfed down some awesome potatoes!


All in all it was a very nice event. I’m happy to have been able to run it for free (Thanks Active.com), but I don’t know if I’d pay in the future. I probably would IF I could get other people to go with me. As I mentioned, it is a smaller and local event, so it had a lot of groups and families running together. Given such a casual feel, I get a tad bored running along by myself.

Tell me, do you prefer smaller more local 5Ks? Or do you need all the bells and whistles to get you going?

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