Race Report : ADM Recovery Challenge 5K 2014

Over the weekend I took part in the 2nd annual ADM Recovery Challenge 5K. If you remember last year. This is a 3.1 mile obstacle course on the grounds of IBH Addiction & Recovery Center. Proceeds helps fund important aspects of my field. This year there wasn’t the huge push for employees to go, but I happily signed up a few months back and once again my Mom, sister and Deonna joined in on the fun.

ADM Recovery Challenge Packet Pickup Group Picture
We arrived on a not so warm and not so dry Saturday morning. I felt a certain level of comfort knowing what was in store for the day. One of our higher up supervisors saw me in the parking lot and we walked in together, chatting about the craziness of the past week. Remember, one of our buildings flooded and we have a ton of displaced (and apparently entitled) workers.

This year the race upgraded to tech shirts and nicer race bags. The bag is made of the same materials as most fabric grocery bags, but it has one side which is actually a Velcro pocket! Not sure what I would do with it, but it seems like a great feature. I liked having the tech material shirts this year and the vibrant green was a nice touch.

Sadly, the rain came and tried to ruin most of the day. I was all set to grab everyone’s pictures during the event, but Mother Nature had other plans. The whole course was an “easy” walk with lots of sets of HIIT. To supplement what I’m missing I snagged some pictures from last year’s report.

Here’s a listing of the various obstacles.

Jumping over logs

Balance beam

ADM Recovery Challenge Becky on Beam
Rope web

ADM Recovery Challenge Becky in WebSerpentine (through trees)
Tire challenge/high step

ADM Recovery Challenge Tire Challenge
ADM Recovery Challenge Deonna Tires

ADM Recovery Challenge Leaving Tire Challenge

Hop challenge (straw hurdles)

Straw bale climb


ADM Recovery Challenge Parachute

ADM Recovery Challenge Mom Slip n Slide
ADM Recovery Challenge Becky Slip n Slide

ADM Recovery Challenge Slip N Slide Finish

My favorite was probably the tire obstacle and the straw bale hurdles. I really thought I was going to clip my foot on the last bale. Need to work on my bounce/jump. The only major change I noticed was taking away the “crawl” and replacing it with a more family friendly version. Instead of crawling on the ground under a tarp, we ran under a parachute.

I still can’t believe I did the Slip-N-Slide at the end. I was soooo cold afterward! We went inside for some free food and then we all called it a day to rush back home for warm baths and naps.

ADM Recovery Challenge Finish Group Picture
How did you spend your weekend? Do you still enjoy obstacle course 5Ks or have they overstayed their welcome?

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