Race Report : Forget the PR Trifecta (4.1 miles)

I accomplished something amazing this weekend. Over the course of 3 days I finished 3 different races totaling over 35 miles. Forget the PR is an event I completed 2 years ago when I ran the 25K. Going into it I had no idea how true “Forget the PR” really was. PR for those who do not know is a “personal record”. Runners keep PRs for various distances as well as specific courses. After my first experience with FTPR I cried excessively and vowed to stay away from trails and ultras. We see how well that worked.

For 2014 the Race Director started a new feature, called the Trifecta.


In order to complete the Trifecta runners had to complete  a 4.1 mile race on Friday, followed by either the 25K or 50K on Saturday, and wrap it all up with a final 13.1 mile race on Sunday. It was quite the challenge! Several months ago I stepped up to the challenge and signed up. Knowing and truly believing I would probably not even bother showing up, but at least it gave me some small hope.

For the ease of your reading I’ve decided to break my report down into each day.

FRIDAY aka 4.1 miles

Sitting at lunch with my Mom Friday afternoon before driving down to Mohican State Park I was almost in tears with excitement. Such a huge part of me could not believe on any level I was headed to the event and I was properly trained! Mind you I knew I wouldn’t run all three days, but there wasn’t a cut off and everyone always seems so welcoming I knew it’d be OK to power hike/run.

Friday night I wore my running clothes down to the park and was ready for the mud and excitement. I was able to test run a pair of HOKA ONE ONE Conquests.

Soon, we all gathered together on a bike path and listened to final announcements. We took off and entered the woods, running about the first mile along a trail shared by mountain bikers so lots of rocks and logs, small streams and rolling hills. The second mile lead up back around parts of the camp group and back into the woods to run up “Big Ass Hill”. Then it was back down BAH and to the finish using the same shared path.

Photo credit: Cheryl Steen Smith

Photo credit: Cheryl Steen Smith

Highlights of my race? Feeling like a jerk when I couldn’t get my footing on BAH. Opting to slide down a “waterfall” area and getting super muddy. Tripping along the course and going into “downward dog – showing my muddy ass to this random biker” pose. Finishing with a smile.  Knowing I ran most of it and super excited for the rest of the weekend, even if I was SUPER last place. DFL. Yep.



I joined Gale for dinner and then it was time for bed, I needed to be up and ready to go by 800 AM the next morning.

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