Three Things Thursday : Run, Walk, or Crawl

Happppppy Thursday everyone. I had a super fast and busy and wonderful week, what about you?

1) Tuesday and Wednesday I was down in Columbus, OH for a training/conference on Problem Gambling in Ohio. I can honestly say it was one of the better events I’ve been to for my job and it was the first year too, so huge huge props to their committee. Of course the fact I was able to go with my coworker who is also one of my best friends certainly didn’t influence my happiness level at all. NOT AT ALL. We both found it funny how we’re drug and alcohol counselors and our hotel was across the street from a brewery of sorts.


In our free evening, we walked around at Easton and popped in and out of shops. My favorite being the one which had an entire section of Dr Who stuff.  We also ate at bd’s Mongolian Grill, which was delicious and since she’s never been, very fun. Then we did as girls will do and acted like total goofballs. One of the highlights of my night was taking pictures at a fountain in the mall, looking like complete tourists and having my picture photobombed. Well maybe not so much photobombed, but they were definitely making fun of me!





2) In case you missed my Monday post. There are a TON of things you could be joining right now where you could be running, walking, or plain grooving along to earn points, socialize, whatever. Here’s a quick recap of the three I’ll be doing.

  • The #VionicWalkabout started on the 3rd. Vionic makes shoes and has a variety of products specifically designed to provide additional orthopedic support. They have a walkabout every year which is based off an Australian principle. During this walkabout though, you pledge to be active each day for 28 days, and check in on Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag. You can also utilize weekly emails for inspiration. Participants have the chance to win shoes, or a trip to LA.
  • #5ByThe5th is still going strong. Did you sign up last month? Even if you missed, why not do it on your own for the last few months. Spring is a commitment to a 5K or 5 miler between the first and fifth of each month. In the Fall there is a sister serious, where you commit to a 5 or 10 miler by the fifth of each month. Each month you can win sponsor prizes, and at the end of the series there’s an optional medal to buy. You can do the whole thing for free though.
  • FitFluential and Reebok are teaming up in the month of March to get you to walk 100 miles! Seems daunting? I thought so too, but when you break it down it may actually be achievable! Checking in each day with the hastag #FFMarchMiles enters you for a chance to win shoes and a complete outfit from Reebok! We all know how I crush on some Reebok!

3) Upcoming local races! Friends and loved ones, please join me in some of these events.

  • March 16th the 5K or 15K for the Shamrock race Summit Athletic hosts each year. Honestly, I’ve never been very impressed with this event, but it’s always nice to see friends and it’s at a time of year where there promises to be spring soon. 5K will costs you $30 the 15K will cost you $40.
  • March 23rd Beat the Train. Runners/walkers begin at Howe Meadow (CVNP) and run down the Towpath for 5 miles, while trying to arrive before the train. Then you board a train and ride back in style or attempt to beat it again for TWO chances to know you’re better than a train. Haha. If you success you are awarded a medal. If you participate you are awarded a mug and possibly a cinch pack. Early registration is over so you’re looking at $40 for 5 miles or $50 for 10 miles. I haven’t signed up yet, but want to, so please tell me if you want to try this with me!
  • May 26th (Memorial Day). The Tallmadge Memorial 5K. Early female only start, beat the heat and get to the pancakes before the boys! JK. Although I’m not kidding about the early start or the fact there are pancakes. I love this race, it’s a GREAT community event and there’s always wonderful energy. Not gonna lie, I hate the hill at the end, but it’s manageable and a great first holiday event if you’re getting your feet wet. 5K will costs you $25, the 1 mile fun run (which includes the kids) $8.
  • June 20th. Electric Run Cleveland. OMG will someone PLEASE do this event with me? It looks soooo fun and the person I was signed up to go with, well, we aren’t speaking anymore. So I need a buddy. Night time. Glow sticks. C’Mon. $49 per person until March 13th then it’s $54 until April 3rd. I did receive three different emails with code for FREE LED glasses though! ATHLINKS1 will get you shades until the 13th as will CUPIDSUR1. LEDSHADES works until the 8th.

2 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday : Run, Walk, or Crawl

  1. I love that Doctor Who section – very nice!

    I don’t know about Cleveland, but I did the Electric Run out here last fall and it was AMAZING!! One tip – if you have nearly as many people as we had, don’t go into it trying to run/race. You can barely move at a snail’s pace there are so many people. I think we had 15,000 and it was held at Foxboro Stadium where the Patriots play. I hope you can find someone to go with. It’s SO fun!!

    • Glad you liked it. I know a lot of times these mass events aren’t always what they seem they will be. I’m OK with going by myself if push comes to shove. Not sure if I mentioned it, but it’s being held at a fairgrounds so I’m sure there’s room for LOTS of people.

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