Race Report : LifeCenter Plus Indoor Triathlon

I completed yet another indoor triathlon this past weekend at LifeCenter Plus. Now, some of you may be asking yourself “How? Didn’t you JUST complain about it being sold out”. Well, let’s just say it helps to be friends with important people, and it helps to be nice. I still paid, and I paid the premium fee, but due to people dropping out I was able to squeeze in on race day and I am very thankful to Team ER for accommodating me.

My day started off smoothly and I decided to eat two breakfast burritos from McD’s, which wasn’t the smartest choice, but I didn’t know which wave I would be placed in and I knew last time when I didn’t eat I felt sick by the end of the race (burning nearly 600 calories in an hour will do that I suppose). When I arrived I was able to register and I was given the choice of wave 1 or 4. I opted for 4 with the slim chance I might get into wave 2 with my friend. If not we could at least take pictures for each other. I went around the facility for a while and snapped pictures of the different “zones”. Including the comfy lounge area.


The pool.


Spinning room (just inside a section of the track)


The track. It was 1/9 of a mile I believe.


The Lounge. Earth Fare was set up to the left giving away fruit and bags.

Eventually, I headed into the locker room to change and chatted with a nice girl. She told me she was at the JCC tri last month and took 4th in the AG. She also did one in Beachwood last weekend and took 1st or 2nd I want to say. She loaned me a swim cap, which was awesome!

After a while Liz arrived and I learned I could be moved into wave two. We were moments away from the fun starting.

IMAG1215 BothPool

The swim was going to be a challenge for me I feared. Being too sensitive to the pool water at my one gym, I can’t actually practice. I was very irritated with myself last month for missing my lap goal by only a few feet, so I promised myself I’d do proper flip turns at this event. Here’s the catch, I don’t like freestyle when I’m out of practice. So I flipped over onto my back for backstroke. Well, I wasn’t sure HOW to combine flip turns with backstroke so I made up my own method. When I reached the flags I flipped over, which usually involved a few freestyle strokes, before going into my flip turn and rotating back to my back as I followed through. Apparently this provided a lot of entertainment to spectators. Oh well. My goal was 30 laps or what they would count as 15 because they counted down and back as 1 in the 20 minutes allotted. I made 14.5 or 29 laps. Only 25 yards short of my goal. ) ;

After a 10 minute transition we were headed to the spin room. Somehow I managed to take way too long and was barely able to set up a bike before hearing “30 seconds”. I was bothered by the fact I wasn’t allowed to adjust my own seat because I could have done it a lot faster. This wouldn’t be an issue except as he announced “30 seconds” my seat fell down! Instead of fixing the seat a volunteer moved me to a different bike. I lost 5 to 10 seconds of riding time. My goal was 10 miles. Why? Because I somehow decided I needed to go 20 MPH and my math was way off and I halved this number to 10 total miles. I made 9.8 (probably would have made 10 with those other seconds haha). When we were leaving a guy came up to me and said “You are awesome” or “You are amazing” something like that…it totally melted my heart and made my day! In the picture below I’m somewhat centered and in the purple.


The final section of the day was the run. Another 20 minutes of time and a goal of getting as close to 2 miles as possible. I was feeling super strong and thought I was really pacing well. At the end of 2 songs I was sure I had made a mile or something and I wanted to get 20 laps. I later learned 9 laps was a mile so my goal should have been 18 laps. At one point I thought I was at 7 and they announced 6. They also announced my mile time at 12:xx. Now I’m not saying that’s bad. In fact for someone just getting back into running an at the end of a triathlon I was very pleased. I did ask at the end about the missed lap though and they gave it to me. All in all I made 16 laps, pretty darn close to my 2 mile goal!

Liz and I ran away for about an hour once we were done to grab some food. I scarfed down an omelet with spinach, red pepper and feta cheese. Then we headed back so I could grab final pictures and because I HOPED to maybe take 3rd.


As they were announcing my heart sank when I didn’t make 3rd or 2nd place. I turned to start talking to Liz (rude I know) and I heard my name. I stared at Mickey in disbelief and didn’t move for a moment. Then I laughed as everyone was looking at me and said “Guess I should come down there, huh”. Could NOT even believe I took FIRST PLACE in my age group. Soon after Liz heard her own name as she took 3rd in her age group. I was so proud of her and when I learned later this was her first age group placing at an event I was even more pleased for her and happy we went back.


All in all this was an amazing event. It had the comfort and encouragement I remember from the JCC tri when it first started. I would without a doubt encourage anyone to do this event next year. It’s going on my MUST DO list.

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