Kansas City…Home Away From Home?

Well, I promised I’d tell you about KC and it’s taken a week, but hush, it’s happening. I have to admit, I do laugh at myself a little for saying I was going to Kansas. My friend lives in Kansas City, sure, but on the Missouri side. We flop back and forth between the two states for our adventures.

Flying out was a breeze thanks to the FINE people with Southwest Airlines.


The unofficial airline of ROJ Running. They have never disappointed me and always find ways to make the flight more than just a mode of transportation. On the way out I was greeted by the lovely privilege of FREE TV thanks to DISH. While those around me read The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, or even caught up on their Game of Thrones series, I was glued to stories of “I Didn’t Know I was Pregnant“, “19 Kids and Counting“, and “What Not to Wear“.

Once in KC I was picked up from the airport by Jen and her Mom. We drove around doing a few errands, where I learned Macy’s was having a HUGE sale due to a store closing. I didn’t find anything though. Eventually, we made our way back to the house where we painted our nails, had some girl talk and joined several of her friends for dinner at a local Mexican place. I of course ate ALL the chips & salsa along with ALL the enchiladas, because why not? Afterward we went to the grocery store where I bought some very boring raisin bran and a small supply of whole milk in the cutest container ever. It was a quart of milk, and it came in a plastic jug shaped like a typical gallon. Google images has this for me to show you what I mean (see the one in yellow) how precious!


Saturday was “Family Day” and we all piled into the car with the latest Katy Perry CD and headed to Historic Weston. We walked around and in and out of shops. I only bought water and I didn’t learn too too much. I did snap a few pictures for friends. Including one from a place with a live miniature pony.


One interesting place was walking through a silk printing museum of sorts. It was like the TARDIS I swear the thing kept going and going. Every time you turned the corner there was another room and more silk prints.

Almost immediately upon our return Jen and I were back in the car to meet up with her boyfriend Rian for dinner & a movie night! Because AMC is headquartered there (is that a word…it is now) they are a test market for a concept theater, the Fork & Screen. According to my friend…for all I know this is a normal thing now and no longer a “test”.

AMC Fork and Screen

It reminded me of other dinner theaters here where you’d have dinner and a live play. This was dinner with a movie though. We went to the see the new Robocop. I’ve never seen the older one so I had no bias going into it. The seats were HUGE and the menu was very reasonably priced.

IMAG1190 IMAG1191

Meals around $10-12, not including drinks or desserts. I picked a gourmet mac & cheese, which arrived in a very modern tilted bowel. I was nervous the whole time it was about to tip over so I eventually held it in my lap. I will say it wasn’t very easy to sit in the chair in a way to reach the food, while also watching the movie.

For dessert we went to a local place for frozen yogurt and more conversation.

Sunday was “Girls Day”. We joined forces with Maryam and visited several very fun retro stores. Some actually had vintage materials, others had modern designs created to look retro. Have you seen those graphics about how Marilyn Monroe was a size 16? Then the follow up graphics about how that’s a modern size 6 or 8 or something? They aren’t lying. I tried some VERY high up there sizes on and they would not go on to save my life. Oy. I almost snagged a beaver fur stole at one thrift store, but decided I had no use for such a thing. It was nice to see Maryam again and talk shop. She’s also a drug counselor so we chatted about electronic records, and new research for treatments.


For dinner Sunday night we went out for BBQ (you HAVE to in Kansas City, it’s like a law or something) we ate at the same place we did 2 years ago and it was still just as yummy. Prior to dinner we went back to Macy’s for her Dad to price check something. While we were there a snagged a GREAT deal on a set of pearls. The lady at the counter was a little rude to me. I wasn’t sure why until she said snarkily (a word?) “I like your nails” and I noticed my bright blue glitter polish was not only still there, but also chipping. Who cares though? I have the pearls.


Then I learned Persian rugs and real fur coats are both VERY expensive and sold by people who don’t find me very funny. When I saw the price on one of the rugs, I asked if it came with keys or if it could fly. I asked a different associate if it could do my taxes. How do these people not know how funny I am?

I believe it was Sunday night we also watched the classic Australian film BAIT. There is probably a drinking game for this movie…if not…someone should invent it.

Monday was full of sad “goodbyes” and waffles. I can’t wait to see Jen again and share in more adventures. I realllly won’t wait another 2 years this time! Mostly because she is expecting a son in June/July and I want to meet him! Plus, I need to get out there when it isn’t winter one of these visits.

KC is one of my favorite places to visit. I never have anything on my agenda other than spending time with my friends, there’s always something interesting to do and I always feel so loved and welcomed. Thank you again Jen for having me!

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