Get Ready for the 2014 Vionic Walkabout!

Today marks the kickoff to the 2014 Vionic Walkabout. Being the sucker I am for anything “monthly challenge” related, especially in the form of walking or running, I am totally adding this one to my list! Last month I was contacted to share the Walkabout and aside from being a GREAT idea, I was also drawn to the campaign because it is connected with Vionic Shoes with Orthaheel technology and the OFFICIAL shoe of the campaign is the Zen Walker in stunning RED. I was offered a pair of the fabulous red shoes as payment, but I assure you as with anything else I share, all thoughts and opinions will be my own. The check (shoes) are in the mail and I’ll give a full report later in the month.


WHAT IS WALKABOUT? (From the website) :

A Walkabout is an Australian journey for well-being, during which one seeks to clarify his/her life purpose. Our version of Walkabout is inspired by the Aussies and aims to improve physical and mental well-being, while creating healthy habits over the course of 28 days.

Sounds lovely, right? I know many of us have been keeping up with our New Year’s Resolutions or maybe we’re stumbling and picking ourselves back up again. Progress not perfection, huh? I know I’ve gone from being a bump on a log, to being a 30 minutes a day active bump, to 60 minutes a day active bump and learning to control my sugar cravings. Not bad over 60 days! Now it’s time to continue this journey and focus on additional details, such as the fact it isn’t simply about moments spent sweating, it’s also about the mental and emotional health we’re working toward.

What do yo have to do? Simply walk for 30 minutes a day, each day, for 28 days. You can walk alone, walk with a group, walk with a pet, or whatever else might float your boat. Well, don’t really float a boat, get out and walk! My coworkers and I have been faithful to walking together at lunch and I can tell you, I feel and see a 100% improvement in all of our moods from this important bonding and stress reducing action.

If you’d like to join in too, head on over and sign up today. Once you sign up you’ll be a part of the 2014 movement and receive weekly emails with healthy recipes from Dr. Weil and fitness tips from Juliet Kaska. There will also be chances to win prizes such as shoes and a grand prize of being flown to LA for a healthy lifestyle weekend. Don’t forget to share your Walkabout journey via social media using the hashtag #VionicWalkabout.

…but WAIT don’t forget about the SHOES

Juliet Kaska at the Vionic Walkabout Launch Party- Feb 20, 2014 at JK Zen Studios

Just like you might not go running in a pair of jeans, or swimming in an evening gown, you might want to make sure you’re wearing a good pair of shoes. Some people can get away with wearing a bargain bin pair of shoes, but I think most of us have special needs or preferences.

“Invest in a good pair of walking shoes. They will do wonders for your posture and joints. Minimizing the impact of each step. Look for lightweight flexible shoes and be sure to replace them often, especially if you’re walking every day.”

– fitness expert, Juliet Kaska

While the Zen Walker is the official shoe, Vionic has a whole line of different shoes available. Not gonna lie, I actually like the Rhythm Walker even more based on looks alone.

No matter what shoes you choose, here are a few more tips from Juliet to get you started in your walking pledge.

  1. Choose different terrains. You can burn more calories by walking on grass or gravel than on a track. If you live near sand, walking on it can increase the calories you burn by just about 50 percent.
  2. Swing your arms as you walk. Bend your arms at 90 degrees and pump from the shoulder. Swing your right arm forward as you step forward with your left leg. Focus on keeping your wrists straight, hands relaxed, and elbows close to your sides. Arm pumping allows you to move at a quicker pace, and gives you a good workout for your upper body. You can burn between 5 to 10 percent more calories.
  3. Incorporate walking up and down hills to help build strength and stamina. Lean forward slightly when walking uphill to go easier on your leg muscles. Be careful when walking downhill because it can be hard on the knees. Keep your pace slow, take shorter steps and keep your knees slightly bent.
  4. For a great upper-body workout as you walk, invest in lightweight, rubber-tipped trekking poles. This mimics cross-country skiing without the skis. This will reduce knee stress and works the muscles of your chest, arms and abs.

*Note. As with any diet or exercise program, please check with your doctor to see if this is a safe and healthy option for you.

What are some of your tips for getting into a fun and safe walking routine? Will you be joining in on the 2014 Vionic Walkabout? Do you have any special needs for your footwear?

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