Throwback Thursday, I’m Going to Kansas Again!

I am so glad the weather is finally breaking. I was truly exhausted the other night after shoveling my car out of my driveway. Of course I am willing to admit I am an idiot who started from the top of the drive instead of the bottom. I clearly didn’t need to shovel the whole thing since I live alone…but the deed was done. I could barely lift my arms to unlock the front door. Ha. So highlight of my current/upcoming week?

I am flying to Kansas tomorrow!!


Please don’t steal stuff from my house. Actually I’m not stupid and the house really won’t be unattended while I’m gone, so that’s not an issue. I went there about 2 years ago to see my wonderful friend Jenny Benny and I return once again for her smiling face. You may know her as Jennifer Fabulous. Previously, this was going to be a great trip of going out, maybe drinking, and being free and fun. Well, now my friend is busy creating life for a bouncing baby boy due this summer, so we’ll have our girl time. Only it’ll be much earlier in the night and sans-substances.



Apparently on our agenda so far is a dine in movie theater (we don’t have them here), vintage shopping, coffee/bakery shop, other random restaurants because c’mon that’s what travelling is all about and who knows what else! Maryam will also be joining us for some girl time.

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I’m very excited. I’ll be back early next week, so try not to miss me too much.


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