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Hey everyone! Welcome to Thursday and the day before Valentine’s day. I know for many of us tomorrow means nothing, but the days following it mean discounted candy! Well, if you’re still looking for an idea for your sweetie, or you’re going to be sweet on yourself this year, may I suggest a new twist on an old favorite?

Not too long ago I was contacted and asked to do a review on a new energy supplement. After reading over the promotional materials and ingredients (hello massive food allergies over here) I decided to give it a go. Soon after a supply of Energerms were at my door and I was sharing them with all my fitness loving friends.


Energems are described on their site as:

Energems are bite-sized, energy supplements in the form of a hard coated gem made with real milk chocolate, caffeine, B-vitamins and a proprietary energy blend.

Energems enhance memory, focus and concentration. There are 3 servings (9 gems) per box. A single serving (3 gems) has the caffeine equivalent of a cup of coffee or energy drink. Each gem has only 15 calories and less than 1 gram of fat. Energems’ unique delivery system allows consumers to conveniently and discretely consume the appropriate amount of energy as needed, when needed.

I’ve seen them described on other reviews as fitness M&Ms. Ha. Being a lover of the M&M I figured I’d be in for a treat. I can tell you from personal experience and from my friend’s reactions, they aren’t quite fitness M&Ms, but they’re still exciting. Don’t buy them thinking they’re pure candy, they are no where near as sweet as regular chocolate. Anyone who has used a “chocolate” flavored supplement before though, knows the particular taste they have.


You can see from the picture above, they’re actually quite a bit larger than a standard M&M. Personally, I think they’re closer to the size of a Spree if anyone remembers or still eats those. The serving size is 3 pieces, which makes the larger size per item nice. One of my friends didn’t follow directions very well and was up for quite a few hours after eating an entire box. I suppose this means they’re highly effective!

When used as directed they’re still effective. They are great to grab and snack on the way to gym. My friends and I have been doing the gym thing after work and sometimes you can’t go all afternoon without eating! However, we’ve all tried to do the “real” food thing and when you’re bent over a ball trying to pike, your sandwich or soup is going to be a baaaad choice. Energems on the other hand, will give you a boost of energy without trying to make an unwelcome appearance in your throat half way through class.

Energems come in 3 flavors, chocolate, peanut butter and mint.


I thought I’d favor the mint, but I think the traditional chocolate may be winning. If you’re a fan of Amazon, they’re available there in various quantities. They’re also available from the main web-store or at a store near you. Local friends, Dollar General, GetGo and Barnes & Noble seem to be the hot spots for us.

You can connect with Energems on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Have you tried Energems? Do you think you will? If you use energy drinks or food, what’s your favorite?

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