Mark Your Calendars … And Don’t Be A Slacker!

First, I want you all to know the terrible thing to happen to me this week. I went to register for the indoor triathlon I found up the road from my house in March…you know the one…where my friend already signed up and I wanted my family to go too? Yep, that one. Well, I went to sign up and the registration button was missing on Signups didn’t close until the 7th and it didn’t say “Until sold out”, so I was very confused. I told me friend and asked another friend for assistance who is a race director. My friend who is registered got back to me later in the day to tell me she was informed it has sold out! WHAT? This is the first time in all my years of racing where I was blocked out of an event I really wanted to attend. It really sucks. Now, mind you, I can totally do the same workout for free at my gym, but it isn’t as fun as being with my friends, getting a shirt, and having some friendly competition.

In the spirit of “Don’t get blocked out” I want to share with you my upcoming events. Then you are able to sign up too and join in the fun!


LifeCenter Plus Indoor Triathlon (race info) sold out ) ;

Shamrock 5K (race info) <– Local even with Summit Athletic. I’ve done it before, but my heart isn’t set on it.

Anyone have any other suggestions for March? I’m very open. Although having this “free time” will give me a way to train for the 24-hour race next month. Ack only a month away??


Forget the PR 5K, 25K and half marathon (Trifecta weekend!) (race info)

Outrun 24 Hour Trail Race (race info)

Thinking between those two (4 actually) events I am rather booked for April.


ADM Recovery Challenge 5K (race info) <–This job helps support/fund the local agencies for which my job is a part of. Or something like that grammatically, haha. It was a lot of fun last year and I’m sure year #2 will be even better. It’s an obstacle course type event, but it’s super easy for the whole family, while having modifications to also make it challenging. Same weekend as the Cleveland Marathon though.

Tallmadge Memorial 5K (race info)  <— LOVE this event. There’s a women’s only wave then the men have their own wave following. Hate how women have to get up earlier, but then we’re done earlier too and it can get yucky HOT that time of year. There’s a yum yum yummy pancake breakfast after both races and if you want, stick around for the community parade.


Slavic Village Pierogi Dash 5K (race info)  <— This is what my all time favorite event the Morgana Run! has become over the years. New name, new course, new crowd. Basically not the same event at all anymore, but it keeps me coming back. At least for 2014.

Electric Run Cleveland (race info)  <— Have NO IDEA what to expect from this, but it seems sooooo fun. I was one of the first 25 people to sign up for the Cleveland location, so I am getting a free LED light up hoodie. Spiffy huh?

FitBloggin’ 5K or 10K (race/conference info)  <—- ANYONE can attend this conference and the run/walk is on the final day. I’ll be speaking, along with many of my friends. If you have the time/money I think you can’t find a better way to spend it. Also , it’s in Savannah this year and I’m super excited to travel.


*** I need a race for the 4th of July ***

Muddy Paws (race info)  <— Need to start having Emme train for this, right? Haha

Foam Fest 5K (race info)  <— My family did this last year and won’t stop going on and on about how fantastic is was. I’ve “tricked” them into enough events over the years…it’s time I went to one of their things too.


Burning River 100 VOLUNTEERING (race info) Clearly I am not ready for a 100 mile race. Anyone who has been following me a few years though knows how I spend an entire weekend of my life volunteering for the event. As in sleeping maybe 2-3 hours at a time over the course of the 30 hour event. It is really something to behold. If you are around stop by to cheer or volunteer for a small portion of the day, I doubt you’ll regret it.

Hemophilia 5K Superhero Run (race info)  <– Did this last year with/for a coworker. Had a lot of fun dressing up and being silly. Hoping to get a few friends to go with me this year.

Moebius Green 50K (race info)  <— One year I will redeem myself from the great hamstring fiasco of 2012


Run Woodstock  (race info)  <— Words do not explain what this race weekend means to me. I think I would be willing to give up every other event (Except FitBloggin’) if it meant I could do this weekend. Camping/running/being naked/eating way too many hotdogs. What’s not to love?


Jack-o-Lantern Jog 5K (race info)


CWRRC Fall Classic 5K (race info)

Run for the Homeless 4 miler (race info)


Great New Year’s Eve 5K (race info)


Like I said I am WAY open to other suggestions too! Give me your ideas and we’ll work something out.

Throwback Thursday, I’m Going to Kansas Again!

I am so glad the weather is finally breaking. I was truly exhausted the other night after shoveling my car out of my driveway. Of course I am willing to admit I am an idiot who started from the top of the drive instead of the bottom. I clearly didn’t need to shovel the whole thing since I live alone…but the deed was done. I could barely lift my arms to unlock the front door. Ha. So highlight of my current/upcoming week?

I am flying to Kansas tomorrow!!


Please don’t steal stuff from my house. Actually I’m not stupid and the house really won’t be unattended while I’m gone, so that’s not an issue. I went there about 2 years ago to see my wonderful friend Jenny Benny and I return once again for her smiling face. You may know her as Jennifer Fabulous. Previously, this was going to be a great trip of going out, maybe drinking, and being free and fun. Well, now my friend is busy creating life for a bouncing baby boy due this summer, so we’ll have our girl time. Only it’ll be much earlier in the night and sans-substances.



Apparently on our agenda so far is a dine in movie theater (we don’t have them here), vintage shopping, coffee/bakery shop, other random restaurants because c’mon that’s what travelling is all about and who knows what else! Maryam will also be joining us for some girl time.

407649_2213292390434_1727878804_n 405461_2213291110402_1791288412_1430439_1425212491_n

I’m very excited. I’ll be back early next week, so try not to miss me too much.


Pizza Eaters Need Not Apply

This is one of those “personal” posts, and it also doesn’t have pictures, so come back tomorrow if you’re only interested in the sports talk of it all.

Yes, I’ve been on the dating scene for far longer than I’d like to count, and it gets to me how I have yet to have a successful “long term” relationship. Really the longest I’ve been with someone where we both admitted me were in the relationship was one year. There’s been people I was involved with for longer periods of time, but nothing on a serious level. I’ve never lived with a significant other, I’ve barely even imagined it. There was a brief time in my early/mid 20’s when I thought I was going to get engaged and move away with my HS sweetheart, clearly that worked out.

However, with every passing relationship, be it 1 week or 52, I was left in the same state of brokenheartedness. I spent much longer than most other people trying to figure out what went wrong and how I could avoid such mistakes in the future. Well, this time around I think I might have found the answer.


The last few guys I’ve gone through, I still spent the required “way too long” wondering why it was over and grieving over the loss of the future plans we will never spend together. Only, I don’t wonder what I could do or be different in the next set up. I’ve learned to embrace who I am, because I’ve worked hard to be where I am and who I am.

I like the fact I don’t really care about politics. I like the fact my favorite topic of conversation is sexual innuendos, but I probably won’t sleep with you on the first date. I’m smart and educated, independent and driven. I don’t need a man to take care of me, but I appreciate the gesture. I am in love with the idea of being married and having children (twins) but I also would never accept a proposal before knowing someone at least a year, preferably two.  I work and I play and I run and I watch TV. I watch TV more than I read books, but I enjoy learning and travelling and going to museums. I used to coach debate, but now I’d rather sleep in with my dog. There are so many things I am or do and I don’t want to change it.

This weekend I was messaging back and forth very briefly with a guy on a dating site. After telling him I was spending my night eating pizza and watching Netflix as a way to unwind, he wrote back, “I’m not interested in pizza eaters”. WHAT? How is that even a thing? I laughed and joked about it on Facebook. Sure there’s a part of me that thought “If that’s a deal breaker now, I’m screwed”. Mostly though, I ate my leftover pizza and deleted the message chain.

I’l never understand why Brian didn’t see me as girlfriend material. Why Ian just shut down one day. Why Jason didn’t “care enough” to stick it out. Why Ken randomly stopped talking to me. Why Dustin didn’t want to kiss me. What I do know is they have all helped me in the last 2-3 years to learn I at least like myself most days and that’s gotta be step one of the equation, right?