Three Things Thursday : I Can’t Handle Life Right Now

Points ONE TWO and THREE

I am taking my PCC test tomorrow. I have been hardcore studying and annoying the crap out of everyone for days…weeks…months. I have been a terrible friend, terrible coworker, and all around terrible human being because I am so damn wound up over the thing.

Luckily Ashley and I went to the gym tonight so it wore me down a little. I saw some eye candy on Monday from afar. Today I saw him again and up close he looked “a little older” not older than me, but older than I thought he was on Monday. I told Ash “Oh he looks older now”. She looks at him, looks at me, and says “You’re not exactly young anymore”. WTF? I’m 29, thanks lady….thanks a ton.

Pssst guess what? Less than 24 hours from now I will know my fate and it BETTER be a good one. Magic 8 ball said I would fail. I almost threw it out the window. Magic 8 ball also said the boy I like will take me on a wonderful date this weekend and kiss me like he means it. Magic 8 ball must have a contact buzz from all of our clients.

BTW I saw a box in our hall at work…sooooooo this happened.

I told you…I can’t handle life right now.

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