Three Things Thursday

1. I have been working out fairly consistently since around New Year’s and I still have not seen a difference on the scale or in my pants. Yes, we’re talking about this AGAIN. I might be seeing a difference in my face, but it could also be wishful thinking and the fact it’s too cold for the fat to expand. Haha JK! Most of me understands there’s a certain level of “You didn’t get this way in a day” work to be done and I KNOW “Abs are made in the kitchen”, but it’d be nice to see SOME type of advancement a month into things. Here’s what I have noticed: 1) I am sleeping better 2) I am getting hungry more often and starting to ‘crave’ healthy foods. AKA apples and salad instead of chocolate. 3) I can maintain exercise longer. Before 45-60 minutes would kick my butt, now I can do 2 or more hours of stuff in a day.

Don’t we all?

2. It’s always nice to have peer heroes. Right? One of my girlfriends on FB posted the end of a relationship today (well more like FB announced it loudly for her) and in her comments she noted how she used to think of a break up as a “failure” now she looks at all relationships as successes because she always learns something in the experience. I was so touched by this sentiment I decided to try the logic in my own life. Suddenly I felt a lot better and a lot more free from my past. However this didn’t stop me from emailing the boy I like for one more shot at connection. He’s moving to Youngstown, and I made a comment about how we were going to stop talking when he left. He’s 100% making the right choice for him, but I am selfish and don’t want him to leave. The commute wouldn’t be bad, but since he’s mister practical serious face I can’t tell if he “likes” me or not and I just can’t keep guessing and hoping. I just have to remember if it doesn’t end the way I want, it isn’t a failure, it’s a successful learning experience.

On a lighter note, let’s look at this….yes…let’s….

3. I want to get back into doing videos for YouTube. What would you all prefer to watch? Instructional videos? Product reviews? General “Vlogs”. Nothing in the video realm? Haha. Speak now or forever hold your peace.

4 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday

    • Ya know personally I always feel pressure to do “more” with a 2 minute slot, but really when I see something posted and it reads “2 mins” I don’t watch it. Isn’t there some type of fortune cookie saying about that? Student be they teacher? Haha I don’t know.

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