Race Report : GNYER 5K

This report is going to be short and sweet. Mostly because the event was the same.

I left work early Tuesday afternoon and promptly treated myself to a nap. Coming off the great chest cold of 2013, I had been napping/sleeping whenever possible. Apparently not being able to breath really puts a damper on your energy levels. Who knew?

By 300 I was up and getting changed and by changed I mean once again putting every conceivable layer of clothing on my body. As I left the house around 320 for the Great New Year’s Eve Race (GNYER) part of me worried I was running too late…and then I remembered I live within walking distance of the high school. By 326 I was parked and my sister and I were walking into the school. We did have a slight hold up when she lost her license in the snow. Oops.

Inside we gathered our bibs and bags full of flyers which will be thrown out. Also the SPIbelt which was the SWAG. Mine is fun and black with peace signs all over it. I was hesitant to buy one all these years since I have a larger phone, but I was surprised at how easily it expanded and fit not only my phone, but keys and had room to spare. I secured it around my waist and it sat snugly the entire event. I was quite impressed.

Becky and I did run into our Aunt and Uncle at the start of the event, he was actually race/running it! Impressive. We gathered in the back of the school and before we knew we were off into the winter!

The race starts at 400 and runs from behind the school up the “main” road along the back. Then we turn into a residential development, run down there about 1/2 a mile, turn around and return on the same course. Easy peasy except for all the hills. This year it was cold, but not too freezing and the roads were actually in decent shape. In years past it has been raining, snowing, the roads were also almost unsafe to be on at points. All in all this was one of the much better weather years.

Becky and I “ran” the first two miles. I have no clue what our pace was, but we were having fun and actually jogging. A little after mile 2 we decided we didn’t feel like running, so we walked and talked. Sister time is the best time, no matter what the finish time. 

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We crossed the finish almost exactly at 50 minutes BTW. Made our way into the school for some water and food and after catching up with a friend or two, opted to head home to get ready for the New Year’s festivities we each had planned. I was headed to a party, she was going to chilling in her own house. How awesome!

What did you all do for New Year’s Eve and/or Day?

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    • I know. A lot of people complained because they wanted shirts or jackets, but I have tons of those…I didn’t have a SPIbelt. Oh well to each their own, right?

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