Peel Me Off the Floor

Wow this working out thing is tough and so is this “dating” thing.

I have kept up with my at least 30 minutes of exercise a day routine…even going well above and beyond most days. We discussed last week about my attempts to use gym machines at new locations. Well parts of last week were filled with walking laps in my office building with my friend. The end of last week was filled with going back to the Y with two friends. Thursday we did weights (including the row machine) and cycling. Friday we did treadmill, core class AND Zumba! I could barely move Friday night. As you can see from this FitBit chart…I’ve greatly increased my movement both in time and intensity. Now to work on what I eat because I KNOW that’s a huge source of my crankiness.


I told the guy I like I couldn’t get my shirt off I was so sore and he said? “Today’s pain is tomorrow’s progress” I’m really starting to this this is a dead end road folks. I also told him my boob had a blister (don’t ask) and he asked me how my shoes were fitting since I told him in the past I had a blister on my foot. Yep, that’s how awesome it is to be me in the dating pool. I think I need a life preserver.

Saturday I woke up and did Zumba at my gym followed by some treadmill walking. I watched a TV special on echidnas. Mostly because I saw them animated in a TV movie once and they cracked me up. Do you want to know what a baby echidna is called? It’s a puggle!! Ha!


Saturday was also spent napping, stretching, buying a blu-ray player and attending a soup themed party. The party was quite fun and my soup was well received so I plan to share the recipe this week. I know, you’re surprised I am remembering, right?

Sunday I started feeling really moody and only wanted to hide from the world. I discovered some things on FB I wish I hadn’t. I began convincing myself of things which may or may not be true…and there’s a really good chance I’m PMSing too. I forced myself to hang out with the family (although it was a GREAT time and the “forced” was all on my end, not them at all). Then it was back home to study and workout. I managed to do VERY VERY well on the latest test simulation and my nerves continue to increase. My test is Friday. I plan to do a pre-test again tonight and tomorrow. Then two days “off” to rest my brain and then it’s the big day! Luckily I took all of Friday off and I have Monday off for the holiday … I can properly rest and reset my mind.

Have a wonderful week everyone!

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