I think it is important to let you all know I passed my NCMHCE exam (National Clinical Mental Health Counselor Exam) meaning I am now a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (once the board approves my test score…which they will).

Since I had already passed my Chemical Dependency test in July this really doesn’t translate into any changes in my current job. Usually this would be the test to allow me to practice without having everything co-signed by a supervisor. In a way it still is since we will be doing more mental health diagnosing and treating this year, and I would have had to return to having my charts reviewed. Sadly, it doesn’t mean a raise or any type of reward other than a verbal pat on the back. Long term it means I am 1000000% more employable and THAT leads to a certain level of comfort. It also means I can more easily transfer from state to state or go into private practice.

Here’s a funny story about taking the exam … and then we’ll all go about or normal days.

The test allows you FOUR HOURS to complete 10 scenarios. Each scenario presents certain info on a “client” and then there is a question like “What info do you need to make a diagnosis” or “What treatments would be appropriate” and there’s a list of 8-12 items. You select the items you believe to be correct and if you’re right you’re given points plus more information. If you’re wrong, you’re given information (or told you’re wrong) and points are taken away.

OK so yep, 4 hours. I finished mine in a little over ONE HOUR. I arrived at 1:30 and was back in my car by 3:00. Most of my time was spent doing the post-test “How was the facility” survey and retaking my official test picture. OK not really, but still. I walked up to the front desk and the lady looks at me and asks, “Do you need more scrap paper?”  I tell her “No”. She looks at me a little confused and asks, “Are you finished?” I tell her “Yes”. She walks to the back to retrieve my score print out. She walks up to me and hands it over saying “Congrats, you passed”. I may be wrong, but she almost sounded surprised. I was by far the first person finished. In one section you needed about a 60% to pass, I received an 80-some% in the other section you needed 70% and I received around an 80% there too….so it isn’t like I BARELY made it or anything.

Passing tests like a boss.

Now … on to the next adventure!

9 thoughts on “I PASSED!!!

    • Thank you! Yes, I used the site http://www.counselingexam.com/ It really helped me to learn the style of the test and how to properly “read” the question, not just assume and go for it. Everyone told me (and I would agree) the site is MUCH harder than the real test, but if you can get the hang of the site you’ll be fine for the test.

      • I just took the test yesterday and I passed with flying colors. I spent 7 minutes on each scenario with a minute just to breathe in between them. I think that the counselingexam.com website was much harder than the test too, so after spending time doing about 40 scenarios on that site, the test felt like a breeze!

        • Congrats on passing too. The world can always use more counselors. I must have used that site to go over like 100+ scenarios, definitely over kill. Ha.

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