Do You Even Lift?

I’m going to be honest. I don’t actually “get” what that saying means or all the memes to go with it. I just know it makes me laugh and I know it makes me remember I should be doing more weight training.

Last week my friend/coworker and I ventured into the realm of being fit. I guess we jumped on the New Year’s bandwagon, although we’ve been working out together off and on for a while. We had free access to a local gym because of work and wanted to take advantage of it while we could. It took all week to get there, but that’s because she was on vacation and I was doing other things. Like being sick or running a 5K, ya know, normal stuff.

We headed over on a Thursday night and decided to do weights and then treadmill. The weight machines at this gym were SO BIZARRE! They were either really old or really new. The setting could not be adjusted, which was super special for a small girl like me, and some of the “seats” were the size of bike saddles. To secure yourself you used a belt like you might find on an airplane and the resistance was adjusted by air powered foot controls. I Googled this and learned they are “hydraulic”. Later at home she messaged me this image via Facebook and it really does sum up the evening.

Now I am totally fine with the machines at my gym, but this place was far out. In fact the adduction and abduction machines were the worst! Everyone already knows those are the “don’t look me in the eye” machines. Well, the ones at this gym were designed to be ON YOUR BACK. I read this actually would engaged the glutes more, but still, not needed. Then the leg sections were like thin brackets up and down. Yes, similar to a gyno office stirrup. I found these two pictures online to help visualize…

Take the top image and picture that type of support in 3 to 4 pieces up and down your leg like in the bottom picture. Now image all of that ON YOUR BACK. A friend on Twitter told me the night I was freaking out about it how her gym owner calls them the “good girl” and “bad girl” machines. Wow, so which is which? Haha

Friday I did an hour of Zumba, Saturday I did 45 minutes of Zumba plus tons of house cleaning and laundry.  Sunday I had company then marched in place watching TV for 30-40 minutes. Hey every little bit helps, right? And I am fully committed to finishing my #30in31 challenge. Starting January off right! Been taking it “easy” to get back into things and I’ve been working on my hammy with the Enso roller.

Monday we picked up another coworker in our fun time gang and headed to the local YMCA because they are sponsoring a 3 week trial for county employees.

Beautiful isn’t it? Well, imagine being so uninformed you park in the wrong section and end up walking in NEGATIVE temperatures around the whole building looking for an entrance! We stood there for about 15 minutes waiting for limbs to start having feeling again because we were walking around in only coats and fitness clothing. Epic Fail!

Once inside we hit the machines again and this time they weren’t crazy impossible to use. We could adjust them and adjust the fit and weight in more traditional ways. While I did all my body on Thursday, Monday I focused on back and legs. The best part was walking by my one friend and noticing her pants were more than a little thin/see-through and complimenting her on her nice green panties. She was shocked and embarrassed! Haha!

After weights I jumped on a treadmill and RAN a full 30 minutes. It was amazing. I can’t believe the progress I am already seeing. Sure, I get frustrated because it’s not a distance or pace I am “proud” to admit… yet … but I am doing my best to focus on what I CAN do not what I still have left to do. Besides I am having a BLAST with my friends and you can’t put a price on it…or a FitBit badge. ( ;

Tonight we paced the halls on lunch and after work and daydreamed of the days when it won’t be an arctic freeze and we can travel by the canals again.

How is everyone staying fit out there? Do you feel like an impostor when you try to use the machines at the gym?

2 thoughts on “Do You Even Lift?

  1. I used to be a member of that gym… It was a disaster, but I’m glad you get to go for free. The parking situation is awful – the parking levels reserved for the gym were regularly packed. Then the one time I got stuck in the deck, the gate wouldn’t go up after I did the tickets, and when i pressed the help button the woman couldn’t get it either to manually go up. lol she had to send someone out. I never used their weight machines, but I’m usually OK with machines, because when I had a membership at the Nat, they had a few sessions where you could learn each one, so I remember them. If there’s some new fancy machine at a gym, I just don’t bother 😉

    Congrats on the 30 min!!!! That’s great 🙂

  2. What the hell kind of machines are those?!?! I’ve never heard of or seen such a thing. LOL

    I do 3 days strength, 3 days cardio. In those days I mix in yoga and PT stretches for two prior injuries, so I have 5 days a week I do double workouts.

    I know the most about my strength training from Google and my friend Dan. He used to be a power lifter so he knows his stuff. He has me doing complimentary muscles together (a large and a small). So, one day is chest/triceps, then back/bicep and lastly shoulders/legs. I mix core in on two of those days as well, but he hates core work so I just wing it on those with planks and assorted things like that. LOL 🙂

    Congrats on the 30 minute run! Isn’t progress wonderful?

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