Aetna – What’s Your Healthy ?

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of AETNA®. The opinions and text are all mine.

The other day I signed into Facebook and as I was scrolling down I noticed a “sponsored post”. It was an image for Aetna and featured a room of young children at desks with the caption “They’re the reason I always get 8 hours of sleep”. I smiled to myself and kept scrolling. A few days later I noticed another post featuring a girl with a bowl of salad. Now the caption was “You’re the reason I choose salad over fries”. This second post struck a cord with me, especially since I recently had a conversation with a friend specifically about my choice to start switching from fries to salads.

Sometimes life works in mysterious ways, so when I was contacted by Aetna to help promote their “What’s Your Healthy” campaign, I accepted without hesitation.

Ali Sweeney of The Biggest Loser is working with Aetna is help people discover their ‘healthy’ and to share tips on ways to begin living a healthier lifestyle. Head over to Aetna’s What Your Healthy page at Https:// to see and participate for yourself. Featured on the website are great 30 second videos from Ali giving advice on ways to sleep better, become more active, eat healthier and many other topics. Also on the site is a place to submit your own healthy and by scrolling down the page readers can see snippets of what’s been submitted and click for more information.

My own (adult) quest to find my healthy began in 2007 when I attempted to lose weight after being careless with my body for many college years. Yes, there were things I did before I was a blogger, before I had access to campaigns, before I even wanted to let people know I was making an attempt, heck before I was a runner! I carry these basic steps with me today and want to share them with you now, highlighted with a few of the videos from Ali! Please remember though, always check with a medical provider before starting any new diet or exercise program. I want you to be safe and happy and healthy.

Healthy snacking. I carried carrots and celery with me. I tried to avoid the temptation to load my celery with cream cheese or too much peanut butter. Sure there were days I glared at the other bus passengers with their chips and soda, but I made a commitment and I wasn’t a quitter.

Water. Even if you can make the argument you rarely drink anything other than water, chances are you could probably be drinking more water.

Walk. Park further away from the door. When shopping I would always search for the nearest spot and wanted to be in and out ASAP. I learned to park on the outskirts more and ended up with extra paces for the day. It is also good to take stairs over an elevator or escalator.

Stretch. Get up from your desk. Stand up while watching TV. Move your joints every once in a while (every hour if possible). Hey if you’re drinking enough water you’ll be moving to the bathroom regularly! Oh and for those with children at home, don’t forget there are many exercises safe for the whole family to do together.

Talk. People emphasize dietary and physical changes, but I don’t always see the addition of mental and emotion changes. Getting healthier can be a struggle. Change in general is hard for most people. Build your support network. Search out love in those around you and remember to return the love.

Reflection/Meditation. Find or make time for only you each day. This can be as simple as 15 minutes of not giving in to any distractions, including intruding thoughts. Life can be overwhelming, take care of the person processing it all (YOU). If your machine (brain/heart) breaks down how can you expect to be useful in any other area?

One area I forgot to care about for years and am only now beginning to respect is the need for quality sleep. Not just catching up on the weekends, but a strong 8-10 hours each night. I know everyone is different, but if you find it difficult to focus during the day, begin to grow sluggish in the afternoon, or look forward to naps, you may not be getting the sleep you need. Remember to turn off your electronic screens and keep them off. The backlight of many devices signal the brain it is time to wake up and process, even with the fastest “Lemme just see this 1 message”, making it tricky to get back into sleep mode.

Other things to consider? Some people need it to be a certain temperature to fall asleep or enjoy white noise while resting. Here’s another tip:

A final reminder – If you like Ali’s advice, feel free to share the videos with your own friends & family. Plus, there are many great ideas at Aetna’s What Your Healthy page Https://  Head over to see them for yourself and add your own tips and successes. Come back to me when you’re down and tell me what you think. For now I’ll leave you with these questions.

Do you participate or follow campaigns to help promote healthy changes? What’s the last change you made to be healthy?

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