The 2013 Black Friday Score

I had a very successful Black Friday experience this year. My sister and I braved the crowds after spending time with friends and family Thanksgiving and found ourselves pulling into the parking lot of Sears at the wonderful hour of 7:35 PM. To my horror I saw people spilling out of the front doors. What strange new horror could this possible be? A sign on the doors announced they opened at 700 PM! Noooooooo. My heart sunk. For sure they will would have sold out of my fantastic door buster set. Woe would soon be me.

My sister convinced me to go inside anyway and check. We did and a wonderful sales associate named JR came over to where we stood looking at the set. Becky was telling me they looked nice and not to fear because a “sold out” sign was not posted. JR confirmed her theory when I looked him right in the eye and boldly stated “If these are not sold out yet, I need to buy a set”. He laughed and said they were not sold out yet.

We filled out the paperwork and I laughed and hated myself for the gross amount of money I was spending. I also knew happiness was around the corner. Happiness in the form of washing pants, without having to wear them at the same time.

I won’t tell you how much I paid for the set. I will tell you I saved over $1,000. NICE. I hope someday I can embarrass my daughter by having a washing machine as older than her, as my mom has now done to me.

After Sears we snaked our way through the roads and parking lots and over to Walmart because I promised her (sister) I would only be buying an air mattress. Once inside and filled with the spirit of the event…I managed to convince her we should grab some other things, “Since we are already here”. Becky is a master finder of things and I managed to not get in anyone’s way. We weren’t there more than an hour, 90 minutes TOPS.

Let’s cut to the chase…what did I score this year?

1. My Kenmore washer & dryer set. $1,000+ off the price.

2. Queen sized air-mattress with electric pump $25

3. 24-piece Pyrex glass bake & store set  $19 (grabbed one for a gift too)

4. Holiday turtle neck shirt $5

5. Brown faux leather ottoman. 31″ with great inside storage!  $29

6. Mini dipper (will be great for some of my recipes) $4.50

7. Brother sewing machine (for my Angel Tree girl) $50

8. Zensah compression socks 50% off.

9. Saucony shoes. A pair of Guide 6’s and a pair of Peregrine 2’s for $60 each.

10. Something for my Mom @ 20% off which is unheard of for this item

11. Ipad mini for $299 + a $100 Best Buy gift card “rebate”

12. A DVD of the movie “The Goonies” (since I’ve never seen it). $4

13. A new coach purse set (purse + small wristlet) and another medium wristlet. Let’s just say I snagged all 3 for under $100.

14. A reissue of a collector’s item bag from a local artist for $2.99

WOW I think “That’s all”. Haha. See? VERY successful Black Friday! Now if you’ll excuse me I have lots of not spending money to do for the next several weeks/months of my life.

Did you go out last week/weekend? What was your big score?

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