Race Report : Jingle Bell 5K

I wouldn’t believe it if I didn’t experience it for myself, but I totally pulled off back to back 5Ks this weekend! Mind you I walked Sat and with this race it was more of a run/jog/stumble/walk combination, but I did it all the same!


Sunday morning I woke up…after being way too tired for my own good the night before and also being sick. (What is this weird stomach bug going around?) Luckily I’m used to stomach issues because of my allergies so they don’t keep me down for long. However, I am not used to the cold and when I took my dog out to pee on Sunday, all I could think was, “Sorry Alicia, but you’re on your own”. I crawled back into the warm covers and started scrolling through my Facebook feed and planning my day. Then I came across THIS smiling face:


How do you say NO to HER? Uggggggg

So I crawled back out of bed and put on more wintry layers of clothing…then added more to those. I drank some water, locked my dog up in her cage and departed for Legacy Village.

Due to no one else being stupid awesome enough to be outside at that hour or temperature…the roads were relatively clear. I arrived on site shortly before 800 AM and easily parked near where I needed to grab my race info.


I walked into the location and made my way to the wayyy back and despite the crowd everyone was easy going and moved to allow you to pass. I tied my chip to my shoes and put my bag away in the car.



It wasn’t long before the 830 start so I had time to find Alicia, share a hug and go stand with the crowd. I ran into a fellow Grunt Girl and another CLE Blogger, Heather and her hubby and pups. Soon enough it was time to get moving.


Not sure where mile 1 was, but it was colder than the day before which meant my phone froze again and I couldn’t get many pictures. It was another out and back course, with only 1 or 2 hills to really worry about and except for the ice on parts of the road, it was uneventful. We began in Legacy Village near Cookies by Design, ran through the shopping area and out the back and up through the access road. We turned left onto Richmond (I think) and then made another left into a development where we traveled down to a lollipop shape turn-around and returned on the same course.

Along the way I saw several people cutting the course short. This would concern me if I ever thought I would place. My legs were cramping from lack of movement, tightness and dehydration. It hurt! I am pretty sure I saw Alicia’s husband and their goldie running and I later found out the cute Gonzo and Camilla costumed runners were our fellow OBA pals Amanda and her husband Scott. (I “borrowed” this pic from Alicia, I’m sure she won’t mind).


While I certainly din’t break any records or impress any scouts (ha) I did my best and am proud of pushing myself as hard as possible. Not a “good” finish time, but a good experience! Not gonna lie though, cold is still cold and I returned to my car ASAP and made my way onto the highway and back home where I grabbed Mom and went for breakfast. Which wasn’t a good idea, since my stomach was still messed up. Oh well. I’m so glad I went, not just because I was able to exercise, but because I was part of supporting a great cause. Hopefully more people join us in 2014 when they return for year THREE.

Disclaimer: I was given a free entry to the race in exchange for my promotion and review of the event. All thoughts, opinions and cold fingers & toes are my own. 

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  1. ha, you can’t say no to this face!! too funny, Julie…

    Thank you SO MUCH for coming out on Sunday morning. I know it was ridiculously cold and we only got to chat for a moment, but it meant a lot to have you there.

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