Race Report : A Christmas Story 5K

Months ago when I signed up for the Christmas Story 5k/10k event, I had visions of sugar plums dancing in my head. I also imagined my injury would be a thing of the past. We all know the truth though…so when I stood at the starting line of the very special holiday movie themed run, I knew I wouldn’t be returning from this out and back course.

The day started out as any other 5K day, I rolled out of bed and begrudgingly put on layer after layer of winter clothing, which I had laid out the night before to help with the sleeping in as long as possible game plan. Emme and I bundled up and headed out into the dark morning toward my Mom’s house.

We arrived 2-3 minutes later than we agreed to be there, but at least it wasn’t half an hour late! Ha! My Mom and sister joined me in the car and we had an uneventful commute. In no time at all we were parked at Home Depot and boarding a bus to transport us to Public Square and the start of the event. We arrived at the Home Dept about 7:15. We left about 7:30 and arrived at Public Square around 7:45. I don’t know how that happened.


Knowing packet pick-up ended at 8:00, we darted inside and quickly found the bags of bib numbers and shirts. My Mom and sister put their temporary tattoos on and we started wondering around and people watching.

IMAG1144 IMAG1142 IMAG1141

The race itself began at 900 and I couldn’t believe the number of people! It was truly impressive. There was no chance of running if you weren’t toward the front.


I’ll be simple and honest here, the course wasn’t anything too special. 5K out and then 5K back if you completed the 10K. There was of course the option to stop at a regular 5K. Along the route each mile had a funny sign and various signs were placed giving fun fact about the movie. My sister commented it was like a live-action pop-up video. We stopped and posed with the signs and walked and had a great time, despite being insanely cold.

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How cold was it? My phone stopped working. Yep.


At the end I opted to stay with my family and we tried to look at the gift shop, but it was too crowded and the line for access to the Christmas Story house was just unacceptable. Because such a large number of people had opted to stop at the 5K they ran out of medals for the finisher’s. YIKES! We waited 45-50 minutes in the snow and freezing wind for more medals to be delivered. My friend has signed up for the race and needed to miss due to medical reasons, she wondered if she could have a medal, but even with them going to get more it didn’t seem like there would be enough for everyone!


Buses we available for those who needed to go back downtown, but for people who parked near the finish it was walking time. Another 15-20 minutes in the snow…but at least we were moving. I don’t blame the race for the weather, they can’t control if it is cold or iced over. I do question why they were allowing people to walk from the house to Steelyard Commons when it’s a rather major road/highway/off ramp thing and there are NOT any sidewalks. I didn’t feel very safe.

All in all, it was a fun event and it was cute to see the signs. If they do it again next year though, I think I’ll go with the virtual option. The on site experience was good, but far too pricey for what we were given. IMHO.

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