Presenting My 2014 Sponsorships

Many of you may have read the title and thought “Wow, how does she know already”? Those people will probably not find what I am about to do very humorous.

See the above picture? It clearly represents all the partnerships, clubs or affiliations I will have in 2014!

What’s the point? Well, over the course of 2013 I was up and down with health and time and interest. I had a horrible experience with Team Aquaphor due to a certain team member and with changes to the program overall it was A LOT of work for VERY little pay off. Maybe I am spoiled due to campaigns I did with FitFluential, but when I receive a shirt that barely fits (due to the cut not the size) and a handful of product in exchange for HOURS upon HOURS of work and representation, it just doesn’t seem “fair”.

More than that, with each passing day I grew “fatter” or “slower” or “sadder” I felt anxious and guilty, thinking I was letting a brand down or a team down or SOMEONE down. When the only person who needs to worry about me is ME. I’d go out and have fun at an event, start to feel like “me” again, only to come home, upload the photos and create the post and think “who am I kidding?”

I filled out a survey for SweatPink today and one of the questions asked me how I’m different from other health & fitness bloggers. My general answer? I’m not. I don’t want to be different either. I am simply a girl in my late 20’s who likes to run and do other fitness activities. I am a single girl, doing my thing and trying to find balance in life. Maybe the thing to make me different is how much I want to be like everyone else. I want to be a part of a community, not create competition. 

So, in the light of so many bloggers creating their “I’m going on hiatus” posts, I am creating my “State of ROJ” post.  It’s something I have done mostly every year.

In 2014..

  • I will not be working with brands in the sense of being a long term ambassador. I will continue to be with FitFluential and SweatPink because I love my community members and look forward to our communication.
  • I will not be accepting guest posts.
  • I will be doing limited reviews. Of course I want to share when I find a great deal or product, but I will not be accepting as many offers from many different companies.
  • I will be doing race reports.
  • I will be talking about my daily life and trying to find a balance in it all
  • I will make an effort to return as much attention as I am given and then some
  • I may start a section on self-care/mental health/counseling

Essentially, I’m going back to my roots, and not because I still can’t cut my dang hair! I’m going back to being a “Hobby Blogger”, because going on hiatus isn’t an option for me. It would be like not running or not breathing. I love to write, I love to share, I love to bond. I would love for you to stick around.

What about you? Any changes to/for yourself? Your running? Your blogging?

Here’s to a GREAT year for all of us!

3 thoughts on “Presenting My 2014 Sponsorships

  1. Love this. There are huge pros, but plenty of cons to blogging. Finding the things that you like again just makes sense.

    P.S. I’m glad you’re not leaving FitFluential and Sweat Pink 🙂

  2. Nice! I think sticking to what makes you comfortable is best. I’ve never gone head first into sponsorships or anything, so i haven’t felt that pressure, but you know best 🙂 And that sucks you had a negative experience with aquaphor! 🙁

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