13 Gifts for Runners in 2013

At a loss for a great gift for the runner in your life? Why not try one of these items? Some of my experiences were thanks to reviews I’ve done for companies, but my love and promotion are all on me in this post.

13 Gifts for Runners in 2013

1. Hydration packs from CamelBak. I have been using my ARC 4 all summer and fall and don’t know what I would do without it. It’s without a doubt the best around the waist hydration pack I have ever used. I also have the Marathoner Vest which I am looking forward to using in the spring.

2. New clothing from lucy or janji.  lucy is having their end of season sale, with great discounts on pants and leggings. I wore my lucy pants a few weekends ago when it was insanely cold for my back to back 5k’s and they kept me very comfortable and warm. janji is a great buy because a portion of their sales goes to provide food & water to those in need. They recently sent me a Kenya Elephant Short Sleeve for review and not only is it cute and comfortable, it’s a shirt I’m wearing whenever it’s clean. Gonna be wearing it to the gym tonight, actually.

3. Books. All of these titles were fun “pick up and read” type books and they’re all available on Amazon for around $10. The last book may be an interesting read for ant females who are struggling with body image/acceptance issues, particularly when it comes to sexual intimacy.

4. A new type of foam roller, Enso from Evofit. I received one in the mail a few weeks ago and there are times I certainly can tell the difference when working on pain/discomfort in my ITB and hamstring. It’s smaller than a traditional foam roller and I would imagine easier to transport.

5. New shoes from Salomon or Saucony. I was sent the Sense Mantra (which Runner’s World declared a Best Debut shoe) from Salomon and I enjoyed how easy it was to put on, the quick lace system and ability to lock it into place. I can tell how it’s designed to be a road to trail shoe and for natural motion. My only issue is how I’ve been a slacker and don’t have the ability for minimal-ish shoes right now.  Saucony, I have been in love with you for over a year. I couldn’t function without my Guide 6’s (I’m on my 3rd or 4th pair). I recently ordered the Peregrine 2’s from a Black Friday sale and they are my two prize possessions at the moment.

6. Compression socks from Zensah. Solid compression socks are a must in any runner’s collection. Buy them in black or white. I have white myself. Then for fun get a few pairs in other color or the argyle. I have received countless compliments on my argyle Zensah’s this year.

7. Chafe protection and healing with Aquaphor. Even if my ambassadorship wasn’t the greatest, the product absolutely is the best. They have lip care, they have skin care, they have bath and body in general. I use the healing ointment in the winter after I shave to keep my legs from hating me. I also keep some Aquaphor on me to ward off wind burn or other wintry disasters.

8. Easy morning nutrition with belVita Breakfast Biscuits. Now with the introduction of soft biscuits in the US, there are even MORE delicious ways to enhance breakfast!

9. A tour pass to take part in various events for the Rock N Roll Series. I have my eye on a few. Maybe AZ, Cleveland, Philly, St Louis, Chicago. I should narrow it down to 3! Haha

10. Magazine Subscriptions? Try

11. A fitness tracking device. I am loving my FitBit Zip and my coworkers are all obsessed with the Flex.

12. New headphones? I have been a lover of my yurbuds for years, but recently my X-1s have been my go to for the gym

13. A running buddy. I think one of the best gifts to give the runner in your life would be your company. Offer to go for a jog or a walk with them. I think most runners I know would be willing to slow down as much as possible if it meant time out and about with a good friend.

What items would you add to your gift guide for runners? Happy Holidays and warm wishes to all!

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