Three Things Thursday

How to narrow it down to only three things to share with you today? Hmmm.


I believe I mentioned Mr. B is back from Europe? Well, he and I are headed to the movies on Monday. <— grammatically correct? I dunno. At any rate, we are headed to see the 50th anniversary special of Dr Who! I’m so excited! I better see a dalek on the big screen. I’ve been binge watching Matt Smith all week in preparation. Mr. B turned me on the show a few years ago, but I didn’t know the fancy ways of internet watching back then. Jason had me catch up from the “newest” installment, but after we broke up it felt weird to watch the Matt Smith section alone.


I have been waiting over a year to buy my next laptop. Last year a damper was put on my plans after the whole Emme in the ER situation, and I’ve been saving and waiting and stalking ever since. FitBloggin made me think I need a laptop for everything under the sun, then I discovered tablets. Many of my friends have switched to tablets and at FitSocial I saw more and more people using them in and around sessions. Which would you go with and why?

Here’s my thoughts:

  • I NEED a good desktop and I WILL be buying one soon, so it doesn’t need to be my “main” computer. In fact I don’t want it to be my main computer
  • I want something with Internet access and long battery life. I basically need a giant smart phone that won’t have a cord attached to the wall at all times. I don’t need storage.
  • I want it to be light, but having to carry it in a purse is not a primary concern.


What does that sound like to all of you? A very basic like 10″ laptop? A tablet? Ipad or other brand? Another thing?

Black Friday is fast approaching and this $$ is burning a hole in my pocket.


Small victories. I haven’t had fast food in nearly two weeks! I had Wendy’s the weekend of KY and it didn’t taste good at all and when it doesn’t taste good and I know it isn’t good for me, then what’s the point? For the last two weeks I’ve been eating either home prepped food, food from the grocery ready-to-eat section or the cafeteria at work.


I consider all of these to be valid options above fast food, although I really need to stop with the cans of Cherry Coke. There may have been a trip to Chipotle in there too, but that’s not realllllly bad for you, right? (Don’t tell me). I’ve been feeling a lot better digestive-ly too so I’m going to try and keep this going. It may be an unintentional attempt at my 30 days without fast food. I doubt I’ll be back on the cooking all the time train any time soon. Not when it is way cheaper and way less wasteful to pick up ready-to-eat items from the fresh counter at the local grocery stores. Plus, less clean up! Being single is the best.

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One thought on “Three Things Thursday

  1. Yes yes yes to #1!!!! We’re not going to the 3D thing, but we’re heading up to our friend’s house tonight for the weekend and we’re having a viewing party (they have BBC America and we don’t! Booo!) with fun themed snacks and stuff to wear. I’m totally geeking out about it. I’m such a HUGE Whovian.

    And great job on #3, that’s awesome progress!

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