The Weekend My Pants Started Fitting Again

It’s interesting how a 3 day weekend magically involves so much more going on than a 2 day weekend. Seriously, do those additional 24 hours somehow tap into unknown energies? Does anyone else notice this happening?

Friday I found myself planning for a last minute road trip instead of the fabulous 50K I had been crushing over for weeks (months…years). We all know how much I LOVE road trips though and how all I’ve wanted my whole life is a friend or better yet a boyfriend who can look at me and say “We have nothing else going on, let’s just drive to XYZ for the weekend”. Yes, this is a real thing I’ve talk about before! Anyway, so when the opportunity presented itself I jumped at the chance to run away to Kentucky for a few days.

While I was in KY I managed to eat at the most fabulous breakfast place ever. Toast on Market. They use REAL butter, soy oil, and had whole milk on the menu. I was in food heaven.


Here is what I ordered according to the menu: “Lemon Soufflé Pancakes – Delightfully delicate, bursting with lemon flavor adorned with a rich vanilla custard and juicy blueberry compote”. I chose the sausage links over bacon and also added a scrambled egg on the side.

So yummy I couldn’t even finish the whole plate.

After breakfast I was lucky enough to see some of the Falls of the Ohio.  I didn’t find any fossils, but I DID see a column with “I <3 Crank” in spray paint. The day ended with the world’s longest tour of steamboats and life back when steamboats roamed the waters, thanks to the Howard Steamboat Museum. If you’re in the area and like history, it’s really a great tour for the price. Just be prepared for A LOT of information.


Back in OH-IO I discovered my old jeans finally fit again! My new pants have been super lose for a while now and I’ve been slowly watching the numbers fall on the scale, but due to my complete lack of trying in the food or movement department I didn’t want to get my hopes up. On a whim I decided to try on a pair of old jeans. Not only did they go up and button/zip, I could breath! I wore them all around town and even out to breakfast with my Mom. It was a miracle!

Our day also involved a little retail therapy. I managed to buy a few new sweaters at BJs Wholesale Club. I had been “date shopping” the last few times out because I don’t have anything to wear on dates. Nothing had been purchase though, because nothing seemed “nice enough” for dates. Then I decided (or realized) dating takes effort and I have a test to study for, so I’m just going to buy things that are warm for my office environment instead. BEST DECISION EVER.

Sunday was finishing with laundry and making a grocery list and well as quality time with the puppy. Monday was a day full of cooking where I made 2 types of soup and chili while catching up on TV. My soups all went nicely into my new Pyrex storage collection, thanks Mom and Woot.

Today the big news in Ohio is how it snowed. Apparently, this is shocking and everyone forgot how to drive. In related news…I need new windshield wipers. Also on a related topic…want to know a quick way to annoy a ton of people instantly even if you don’t know which ones you’ll annoy? Play Christmas music in November. It’s a fun experiment, I promise.

Did anyone else have Veteran’s Day off from work? How do you like to spend your long weekends?

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