30 By 30 Update #1

OK I’m doing this a little late since the 9th was a few days ago…whatever I’m a rebel.  For those following my progress of accomplishing 30 random things before I turn 30 next July, here is where I stand:

1 Watch the movie “Goonies” – I never have, there’s probably others I should watch too. No progress on the classic movies front. Unless you count the 12 Hours of Terror where I saw a few classic horror films? Really, need to see Goonies lol need to just rent that already!

2 Pay for the meal of the person behind me at the drive-thru (or other random event). Nope, this one is super easy, yet haven’t done it. Need to hurry up I suppose

3 Donate clothes and other belongings I no longer use/need. YES! I did this…was it after I turned 29 though? (Runs to check Instagram) Yes! On 7.20 I donated 4 HIGE bags of clothing and shoes and jackets. Everything is so much nicer in my closets now. In fact I might have to do round two in the near future.

4 Work with a major brand on my own (not as part of a multi-person campaign). Not sure if this counts, I did just work with CamelBak, Lucy and Salomon. I’m starting to really shy away from too many brand partnerships though.

5 Earn my independent licenses for Chemical Dependency and Mental Health. I finished my LICDC in July, I have accepted to test for my LPCC and am waiting on a test date. Hoping for December, but it may be delayed until January.

6 Decide which PhD route to take. In fact I am not sure this will happen at all. As much as I have always wanted to be “Dr Julie” I’m starting to realize a happy life with a family is way more important to me than income or titles. If I can feed myself and my loved ones, what more is there?

7 Run half marathons in at least 3 new states. I finished Run Woodstock in MI! I also traveled to VA Beach and CO, but I didn’t run in CO and I already accomplished VA Beach in 2011. Time to find two more states, who volunteers their space for me to sleep?

8 Take a vacation just for me (perhaps fly down to Florida for the weekend?) Hasn’t happened yet. However I do have some trips planned, including heading back to Kansas City to see my wonderful friend Jen! I’m sure Maryam will be there too!

9 Have my writing published (again). Nada.

10 Be confident enough to wear a bikini in public (Notice I didn’t say thin enough, just confident enough). I’m not sure why I didn’t count the Cupid’s Undie Run as this last year? Part of me also wants to say the fact I ran a mile totally naked should trump this goal, but that was something unique, and I’d still like to go swimming in a two piece by next summer.

11 Get a tattoo? Not yet

12 Eat only home-cooked meals for 30 days straight. So need to crack down on this…ahhhhh

13 Complete a 30 day run streak. How about a 1 day run streak? How about that for a change. Oy

14 Go to a drive-in movie (I’ve never been). Still have not been! I will take myself to one next year if I have to for crying out loud!

15 Earn my certification for ZUMBA instruction. Probably won’t be doing this as it is costly and not very logical if I don’t plan to use it right now

16 Take a spontaneous road trip with friends for the night/weekend. This is still a huge dream of mine. To have a friend or more so a boyfriend who will just decide with me “We don’t have anything to do this weekend, let’s just go to XYZ”. I’ve always been jealous of those friends or couples. Well I guess I can say I’ve done this now. It was really a lot of fun. The drive there were terrible, the drive back wasn’t and all in all I’d do it again!

17 Learn how to walk in heels (I really can’t, ask my Mom). I still need to learn. Who is gonna help? I hear wearing heels will make me look taller and thinner and will make my legs sexy!

18 Convince one of my friends to let me babysit their tiny offspring for the night/day. I don’t think anyone is fully aware of how serious I am about this situation!

19 Go to a psychic (I did when I was a teen, might be fun to go again). Maybe I’ll go this weekend. I’ve been seeing signs all over lately…I ALMOST got to go in KY. Almost.

20 Refresh my ASL skills/knowledge. Tried to sign up for a class, then we have people quit or retire and work hours were moved around. Maybe in the spring.

21 Go scuba diving

22 See the Grand Canyon

23 Learn how to play chess

24 Take a stained glass class

25 “Solve” my food allergy issues

26 Audition for or hopefully be in a play (even a local production)

27 Pet a giraffe

28 ?

29 ?

30 ?

Yikes! 3 months in and only 3 of my things accomplished? I better get moving if I want to feel like a winner come next summer. So those who made their own lists, did you get them all done? Those with lists yet to make, any new suggestions for me?

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  1. That’s a good list! You definitely have to get a tattoo. I’ve got 4 of them and I’ve been dying to get a new one for a couple of years now. They’re just so damn expensive! I think you can do it. Those all seem like pretty attainable goals!

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