The Shopping Debate

I’ve seen a lot of posts on FB and Twitter lately about the great shopping debate…will you go out on actual Thanksgiving to shop “Black Friday”?

Well the day has arrived and I don’t have a soapbox to stand upon and I don’t have fancy research or links. However, I do have my own opinion.

I’m headed to the stores after I eat some turkey, and I’m hoping to take friends and or family with me. Here’s why.

Thanksgiving for most is about tradition and happiness. In my world Black Friday shopping is more tradition, happiness and family than the meal. Some of my favorite holiday memories involved heading to the mall with my Aunts the day after Thanksgiving and searching out bargains. We shopped for family, friends and yes sometimes ourselves. I learned how to budget and how to be patient. I learned how to communicate and ways to be polite in the store. By watching my family members shop, I learned what they liked and what they didn’t and it helped me to buy more meaningful gifts than a gift card in years down the road.

My family lives all over the US and not everyone comes back for Thanksgiving and like most families when you trap a lot of us in a small space things don’t always go well. I’m the oldest cousin by 2-3 years. When those with the next in age weren’t in town, the age gap was even larger. Today we’re all “adults” and age isn’t really a factor anymore, but at certain points it was HORRIBLE to be “so much older”, when there were a cluster who were within a year or two of each other. I thought I was left out of things a lot with the “kids” and I wasn’t old enough to be with the adults. Dinner at times could be boring or uncomfortable at best for a lot of years. Don’t get me wrong, there were good times and I know my family reads this and I’m not saying I hated you for crying out loud, but you have to admit I was sometimes between two worlds growing up.

Shopping the next day removed all the tension and barriers in my mind. We were all there for a good time. At least it seemed that way. As time passed fewer people joined us on our shopping trip and my sister and I continued the tradition. We studied the ads after dinner and mapped our conquests. We had it down to a science how to tag team the stores and make it around town. Even the year my wallet was stolen and my entire identity was compromised we found a way to get together and go shopping. I know many of you are rolling your eyes and shaking you head. It wasn’t about buying “stuff”, it wasn’t about “giving into the man”, it was about tradition. It was about family. It was about how 364 days a year we may not see eye to eye, some of those days we may not even speak, but on one day a year we were partners in crime and it felt perfect.


Like I said, holidays are different in my family now. The “kids” have all grown and moved out into the world. It’s even more difficult to see everyone at one place at one time. The times of having 2-3 long tables filled with people have disappeared. I often wonder if I’ll be a part of anything like it again. My own family surely won’t have anything like it anymore. Hopefully I marry into a family where holiday gatherings still happen. Or we’ll opt to be the host family. I would love to have it happen some day!

Right now, Thanksgiving for me and for a long time has been the day after the bird has been consumed. It’s about inside jokes and clever plots. It’s about people watching and tales to be told.

Even when I find myself going out alone (last year), it’s only because on some small level I want to keep my tradition and my memories alive. I want to find a piece of what I charished over the years. If it happens to fall on the same day as the rest of the world eating their pies, then so be it. I don’t mean any disrespect, but it’s the way I celebrate, it’s the way I reflect on my thankfulness. If I had all the power in the world, I would keep “Black Friday” on Friday and allow time with family and stores to grant their employees time as well, but we won’t live in a world where I have all the power, so for now I’ll do things my way, you do things your way and maybe we’ll all find a way to have a good time.

Zensah’s Black Friday Sale on Compression Socks!

Yes the title says it all, but in case you missed it…tomorrow starting at 800 PM Zensah is having a Black Friday Sale on their compression socks for 50% off. This is an amazing sale and I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Zensah’s! It doesn’t include the argyle, but there are tons of other fun colors you will enjoy mixing and matching with your favorite outfits.


Technically I should let you know for the 2013 season I am/was an ambassador for the brand, but my obsession and love started long before any formal relationship. Also, I’m sharing this post for a chance to win a gift card. One blogger will be chosen. Happy Holidays!

Three Things Thursday

How to narrow it down to only three things to share with you today? Hmmm.


I believe I mentioned Mr. B is back from Europe? Well, he and I are headed to the movies on Monday. <— grammatically correct? I dunno. At any rate, we are headed to see the 50th anniversary special of Dr Who! I’m so excited! I better see a dalek on the big screen. I’ve been binge watching Matt Smith all week in preparation. Mr. B turned me on the show a few years ago, but I didn’t know the fancy ways of internet watching back then. Jason had me catch up from the “newest” installment, but after we broke up it felt weird to watch the Matt Smith section alone.


I have been waiting over a year to buy my next laptop. Last year a damper was put on my plans after the whole Emme in the ER situation, and I’ve been saving and waiting and stalking ever since. FitBloggin made me think I need a laptop for everything under the sun, then I discovered tablets. Many of my friends have switched to tablets and at FitSocial I saw more and more people using them in and around sessions. Which would you go with and why?

Here’s my thoughts:

  • I NEED a good desktop and I WILL be buying one soon, so it doesn’t need to be my “main” computer. In fact I don’t want it to be my main computer
  • I want something with Internet access and long battery life. I basically need a giant smart phone that won’t have a cord attached to the wall at all times. I don’t need storage.
  • I want it to be light, but having to carry it in a purse is not a primary concern.


What does that sound like to all of you? A very basic like 10″ laptop? A tablet? Ipad or other brand? Another thing?

Black Friday is fast approaching and this $$ is burning a hole in my pocket.


Small victories. I haven’t had fast food in nearly two weeks! I had Wendy’s the weekend of KY and it didn’t taste good at all and when it doesn’t taste good and I know it isn’t good for me, then what’s the point? For the last two weeks I’ve been eating either home prepped food, food from the grocery ready-to-eat section or the cafeteria at work.


I consider all of these to be valid options above fast food, although I really need to stop with the cans of Cherry Coke. There may have been a trip to Chipotle in there too, but that’s not realllllly bad for you, right? (Don’t tell me). I’ve been feeling a lot better digestive-ly too so I’m going to try and keep this going. It may be an unintentional attempt at my 30 days without fast food. I doubt I’ll be back on the cooking all the time train any time soon. Not when it is way cheaper and way less wasteful to pick up ready-to-eat items from the fresh counter at the local grocery stores. Plus, less clean up! Being single is the best.

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