Three Things Thursday

1. Last weekend I had a great time at a local haunted house. I went with my sister, my friend from work and my sister’s boyfriend. Check out some of the great pictures of the “haunted trail” from a park we walked through before going to a more traditional haunted house across town.

IMAG1066 IMAG1062 IMAG1061 IMAG1058b IMAG1055 IMAG1063

2. On the way home I had a bit of an incident with a deer. Apparently this large and lovely animal didn’t want to take its chances during hunting season and jumped at my car. Thanks “dear”. At nearly 1 am myself and my friend had to sit in the car while a cop who saw the whole thing, wrote it up and had to shoot it to help “put it out of its misery”. Only the cop apparently couldn’t aim or something and despite shooting it SIX different times in THREE different tries, the deer would not go peacefully. Ugg. It was terrible to see/hear. The next morning I woke super early based on when I went to bed and managed to drop my car off at a body shop and pick up a rental. By Monday I had an estimate and I will have the car back next week. BIG shout out to GEICO who is being a fabulous insurance company during all of this stress. $4,000 in damages + 2 weeks of a rental car = Thank you Julie for always paying your insurance premiums! Yikes!

IMAG1067 IMAG1068

3. Today was my 2 year anniversary at my job! Not that I really insist on counting each year, but this means I get to send my paperwork this weekend to the board to apply for my independent license. But wait, didn’t I do that earlier this year? Ahhh good eye reader. I DID take and pass my license exam in July for Chemical Dependency. This is for Mental Health and now my collection will be complete and if I wanted I could leave the state! Helllllloooooo warmer weather one day! Stay tuned for that stress and eventual proud announcement.

Now go out there and have a rocking Halloween! I know those with kiddos are probably doing the trick-or-treat thing this weekend and those who are kiddos are heart, wear your seat belts and don’t drink and drive.

One thought on “Three Things Thursday

  1. Oh that incident with the deer sounds awful! I would hate to have seen/heard them kill it. I know it was for a good reason, but I wouldn’t wanted to witness it. Poor thing! And your poor car!! Good thing for insurance!

    And happy job anniversary!

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