Spooktacular Zumbathon!

Well this past weekend was a tad not as Halloween-y as I would have liked. Normally I attend some big party and it is one of my 3-4 days a year I drink. No seriously, I don’t party all that much. Now that I haven’t been able to get that out of my system who knows what might happen! Haha! I think the last time I drank was about a month or two into dating Jason. Maybe right before or after the Cupid Under Run in Feb? Eh who knows…

The point is I didn’t get to attend a party and I didn’t get to invent a new costume and I didn’t get to make out with anyone. Ugg. At first I was worried maybe I am not fun anymore and my friends stopped inviting me. Then I realized my friends have all produced tiny humans and they had to take those tiny humans to collect sugary treats. Woe is me.

So Friday night Deonna and I left from work and went thrift shopping! She scored a few amazing dresses and I apparently came along for the ride. We also had dinner and it was lovely, she taught me about two kinds of clam chowder. I’m all sophisticated now. Be jealous. Then I came home and had a very embarrassing discussion/misunderstanding with Ken.

I can’t take me anywhere.

Saturday I drug myself out of the house long enough to attend a Zumbathon. Which is apparently the only form of exercise I’m willing to do anymore. At least it is something. I wore a costume I had tucked away in my costumes closet. No, really, I have one of those. I also own and used makeup! Check it out.


I decided to let go and have fun, which I did! Pink lady power. My favorite part of the two hours was when we did Thriller. I wanted to yell “MATTY IT’S THRILLER!”. Haha. I felt all retro and badass.

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The rest of the weekend wasn’t as exciting. I didn’t buy candy for the little beggars, not that many were in my neck of the woods anyhow. I watched a bunch of movies on Netflix. Clueless, The Switch and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Super cleaned my place and chilled with the puppy. All in all not a bad way to spend the non-working hours.

What did you all do for Halloween? Or is it yet pending?

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