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Several months ago I put out a plea on Twitter to help me fill out my “Top 5 Fitness Brands” list. At the time I shared I was loving Under Armour, Reebok, Running Skirts, and Zensah. All brands I have work with on reviews or campaigns. I needed a 5th. Many of you responded I need to try Lucy and how great Lucy was for your needs. What a surprise when someone on behalf of Lucy asked if I wanted to review some product!


Unfortunately, I was working on the What’s Beautiful campaign and needed to decline. I was supposed to test out the pack and dash line.  It seemed amazing and like a perfect top or bottom for my ultras, so I was majorly bummed! The PR Lucy lady was nice enough though to say she’d check back with me in the fall. I am so happy she did too, because about 1-2 months ago the most amazing shirt I ever met arrived at my door! It was the Lucy wave racerback and at first sight, I hated it.


No really, I hated it. I am a self-proclaimed enemy of tank tops. Not to mention it was black. My heart sunk at the idea of having to wear the thing and then having to either write about it or fighting with the lady about needing to review it. Side note, I’m currently dealing with another PR company who won’t take no for an answer. Not cool. Anyway…reluctantly I washed it and the pants I was sent and decided to give it a fair chance.

The following week I wore my new top to the gym for Zumba. I was nervous and exposed, but it was soft. It was soft and it made my boobs look fabulous and my gut was reduced. I looked GOOOOOOD. While doing my lil Zumba thing I realized it stayed in place, always looked great, and was super breathable and did not chafe at all. Could it be? Did I find my match of a tank top at long last?

I began wearing it more often. Lucy wave racerback came with me to runs, gym classes and walks around the block. Lucy came with me to the Virginia Beach half marathon, to Run Woodstock and to FitSocial.


Now, here is the most important review I can give this product. I’ve sworn to love so many products I have been sent, but the only thing I have ever bought on my own after the original wore out its welcome, was a pair of shoes from Saucony. I searched high and low in Denver and Boulder for another Lucy tank and I finally bought one online. Yes, I actually spent my own money on something. I almost NEVER buy anything. I now have this great top in  purple and black and would love to have it in blue, but it is sadly sold out, even on partner sites.

Lucy also sent me a pair of pants, but it hasn’t been cold enough to wear them too often. I also can’t recall their “name” and can’t find them on the website currently. I did sneak a few uses in while at FitSocial. I can tell you they were very soft and very breathable. I also liked the fun pattern and the mesh-like area behind the knee.


FitSocial and Colorado also gave me the opportunity to visit a Lucy store (we don’t have specific stores for the brand in Ohio). I was introduced to even more fabulous Lucy wonderment. Here are three of my favorite pieces:

The Dashing Dots tank.


It may seem simple at first glace, but guess what? It has an ADJUSTABLE built-in bra. I despise built-in bras. Mostly because as a 34D it is impossible to find one that fits for me. Either the band is too loose and I will chafe or the “cup” isn’t big enough and then I lose support. I haven’t tried the Dashing Dots yet, since the weather is now winter-ish, but I hope it will take off and I will see this ability in the summer 2014 line.

The Yoga in the City Power Top.


I should get back into yoga again, and I should find something other than a loose tee which inevitably will ride up or flip open. I love the cut and pattern of this top. Lots of Lucy apparel has the “space dye” and the newer stuff has a purple version some of you will just eat up!

The lucy X Fitness Power Tank.


I don’t know why, but I am drawn to the cut of this collar and how it is a different color than the rest of the top. The side lines give a slimming effect and an internet search reveals this top in numerous color combinations.

Overall I am very impressed with the Lucy line. The products have held up in use and washes. Their website navigation and delivery were exceptional and in store staff were friendly too. Pricing is on par with brands and styles of competitors and I know I will be buying more from them in the future. My only “complaint” is that they seem to bring in new stuff fairly often, so when you find something you like and wear it a while, it may be sold out when you go back to buy a second or third.

If you want to keep up with the brand, make sure you follow them on Twitter and give them a “Like” on Facebook.

Once again, thanks Lucy for the product, all thoughts and opinions are my own and you are certainly keeping your rank as one of my top fitness brands.

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