Mile High Romance Continued?

Since it feels as if half the world is waiting at their computers for my next installment of “Missed Connection Theater“, I needed a moment to figure out how to write the next portion. If you don’t know what I’m talking about click the link and read part one of this tale.

After posting my entry and sharing it in several Facebook groups, a few friends and I plotted to contact other sources (Craigslist, local radio, the flight company itself). Amazingly enough one of the local stations in Birmingham even wrote back and asked me to go on air with them! One of the groups I posted to was Half Fanatics (a group for people where the half marathon distance is their favorite). I was apprehensive about posting to this group because 1) They are super sweet, but almost all posts are about races 2) I had never posted on their page before nor did I typically interact with other members. I debated about it for a while and then decided if I’m gonna do this thing, I’m gonna use all my resources and not regret anything. So, I posted my link and story to this 4,000 member group.

Here is the link:

Then I waited.

Almost right away someone suggested a few names to me based on their search. I tried the same search and nothing useful came up. At the time I was on my phone and would have written back to tell her “none of those people are him”. I didn’t though and I’m so glad because I didn’t realize she had searched Facebook and not Google. One of those three WAS him and a little while later she posted a link on the thread to his Facebook account! Holy stalker skills Batman! If I had called off the hunt with that first message, all would have been lost.

The thread blew up with “What now?!?!” and “Can you even believe it?!?! I sat at my computer like a deer in headlights. Really, what now? How do you email someone and say “Hey I used the internet to track you down, let’s be friends!” I didn’t put myself out there though just to walk away. Still, I never in a million years thought anyone would find him, so I didn’t have a part two of my plan. I went through and cleaned up my own feed and several groups so my “trail of crazy” wouldn’t earn me a restraining order. Because let’s be honest, it’s probably overwhelming enough to be tracked down online. How would you like it if you knew hundreds of people knew you as the “lost love connection”?

I sent him a message and a friend request. I waited and waited and eventually went to bed.

The next morning, I woke up and avoided checking my Facebook account for a moment. I lay in bed and scrolled thorough countless other sources on my phone. Then it was time to get on with reality and log into my app. Swipe. Tap. Loading….

There it was. He accepted my request. He wrote me back.  Capital Cities was playing in the background and I thought it was all OK. Or was it?

I thought I had kept my plea to private Facebook groups (but we all know privacy is a falsehood online). Half Fantics is an open group. He saw my thread. He saw the blog post and everything else in my “trail of crazy”. He even saw the post on my main wall where I jokingly said I met my future husband and blew it! Oh my god the awkwardness of it all! Please let him have enough sense to know it was all in good fun and story writing! Please.

Hesitantly I scrolled through my notifications and let out a sigh a relief when I saw he had joined the HF group. He was playing along with the other people and making jokes on the feed! It was almost unreal.

Apparently, he DID want my info, but didn’t want to be the creepy guy on a plane. He was going to approach me (possibly) after we were off the plane, but I was on my phone while I walked to the plane train. Oops. This is true. I was on my phone with my Mom telling her how sick I was and how I wasn’t sure if I’d make it home from Atlanta. Yes I am dramatic.

Now, before we move on I should point out, since it has been brought up MULTIPLE times. He is not “a ginger”. He has blonde hair, I was blinded by airplane lighting and sickness. There. Problem solved.

Still, the question on everyone’s mind, what’s next?!?! I don’t have an answer for you. Your guess is as good as mine. We’re talking (texting), like normal people who meet and like each other do. It’s nice to have someone to text and joke around with at night. It’s sad when one of those texts reads “Not only are you 9 1/2 hours away, you’re in a different time zone!” I really like him and I’m really sad he is so far away. After all, this isn’t the 80’s and no one is climbing into a fantasy world of black and white, or making outlandish trips by foot. I could make a list of all the reasons this is ridiculous and would never work. I could make a list of all the reasons it isn’t and would.

The most important thing right now is this…stories on the internet are fun, but I’m a real person with a real life. Ken is a real person with a real life. Since he’s no longer a character in my missed connection saga, I feel compelled to respect his privacy and the privacy of whatever goes on between us. He may enjoy my blog and he may have played along so far, but I don’t want him thinking every interaction is up for grabs for my own publicity. For now it’s time to keep the every day ins and outs offline.

I can tell you though…no matter what happens this will go down as one of the greatest stories of my life.

Edit: 12/21/2013 I don’t want to create an entirely new post, so I will leave an update here. 5 weeks after this post, Ken and I met up in KY. We spent the day going to breakfast, walking around some waterfalls/park area and touring a steamboat museum. Sadly, he came down with a cold and had to leave early. Over the course of the weeks after the meeting, contact became far and few between and very formal. Honestly, we haven’t spoken since Thanksgiving. It was a fun adventure while it last though and now I am looking forward to me next great tale.

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