10 Lessons Learned at #FitSocial

Instead of your typical play-by-play of how the conference went down, I want to take a different approach, I will share a few important highlights. Some will seem simple, hopefully others will seem deep.

1. There is a way to make links in your post open in new tabs/windows. Haha. I guess I always assumed everyone did what I did and right-clicked open new tab. Apparently not. When in WP and you insert your link check below and you should see an option to select “open in new window”. Fancy, huh?


2. Ohio doesn’t have trails, we have grassy roads. OK Kidding. On Thursday a small group of us went out for a local hike. We went to Mt. Sanitas because the original Flatirons trails were still closed due to the recent flooding. In fact when we were at the parking lot the road was closed past the entrance except for local residents. I looked up the elevation gain and angle later, and realized I’ve conquered much worse over the course of a race, but this was over the course of less than 2 miles then back the way we came. I’ve very proud of what I did!

IMG_2930 IMG_2927b IMG_2921

3. Rooming with strangers will have its ups and downs. I loved meeting the new ladies and hearing their stories. I think mid 20’s – early 40’s are such an interesting age frame because choices can lead to different paths. Hearing about children or spouses or pets or jobs is fascinating to me, which may be why I enjoy being a counselor. Unfortunately, I also live alone and I can sometimes get very set in my ways. It’s hard for me to be woken up early because I’m not a morning person and I’ve been suffering with fatigue.

4. Know my place in the blogging/fitness world. While at the Ace Fitness lecture we were told 5 Social Media Commandments:

  • be true
  • be mindful
  • be useful
  • be responsive
  • be grateful

I have been blogging for 4.5 years and I love it so much. I enjoy meeting other people and learning their stories. That being said, I am not going to be a business blogger (at least not right now). I would rather write about my experiences than research “10 new leg lifts you aren’t trying”! Believe me I love those stories, but they aren’t MY voice. For years I said I was “just” a girl turning 30 and I like running, why should anyone read? And I went about trying to be a useful as possible (#3) and in the process wasn’t being true (#1) and in a way I wasn’t being grateful (#5) to those who tried to love the real me. Now I see how wrong it was for me to try and be a lil bit of everything in order to appeal to more people. I am great and interesting with what I have on my own. Expect to see more of the real me and less of the created “me”.

5. I am stronger than I realize. Being alone on the hike I didn’t freak out, I didn’t cry, I didn’t let it ruin my day. Instead I bucked up and enjoyed being in the moment. Being cranky wasn’t helping, so I didn’t go there. When I encountered people who said things to me I thought were on the mean or snide side, instead of being sarcastic back or being too obsessed about it, I found new people to hang around. Full disclosure I let it bother me a little. Aside from mental and emotional strength I was also physically strong. I completed the intense hike. An hour session of yoga. An hour session of HIIT. An hour session of barre class and an hour session of a new class Pound. Burning over 1000 calories between Thursday and Sunday and doing it relatively pain-free is an amazing feeling. Lately I’ve have a lot of good weekends and I’m starting to learn how to balance my fitness world again.


Photo credit : Kimberly of FunandFit.org

6. Sometimes small victories are the big ones. We all know I whine about my food issues extensively. I like to think it’s because having them sucks. The first night we all ate together I found myself ordering a burger and fries from the menu because of the limitations of everything else. OK I could have order the filet mignon for $40 or walked around the city looking for another option, but I was hungry!! The following night I found myself having to order the same thing. It wasn’t even that delicious. On the second night I asked myself “why ate you eating something that doesn’t taste good and doesn’t provide any benefit”? And only ate 2-3 of my waffle fries instead of half the plate. Also, I didn’t order or eat any chocolate or added sugar the whole weekend.

7. Whole Foods has the most amazing waffles ever. Not sure what else I can say about this, but they have yummy waffles at their breakfast buffet. I don’t have a pic of the waffles, but I do have a pic of the view leaving the Boulder location of Whole Foods.


8. I love my hometown. It’s nice to get away and sure at the end of the day Akron doesn’t have mountains or an ocean or other extreme sites, but it is home. I have access to several major cities within a day’s driving time. I have access to “easy” trails which are actually easy. I have access to challenging trails which are honestly challenging. We have cities, farms and forests. We have local parks and national parks and so much of everything else. I don’t think there are many activities we don’t have the ability to create or experience.

9. Diet and exercise are equally important. I know there is a huge debate on this from all sides, but what I walked away learning is not to favor one over the other. I need to stay active. Staying active makes me feel better and it allows my body to use the fuel I give it more efficiently. I also need to give my body better fuel. Combinations of protein and carbs along with healthy fats. Steady meals during the day. 1000 calories at night is not the same as 5 meals of 200 calories each. It may seem mathematically it is the same, but I heard the best explanation from Ashley Koff, RD on why that is incorrect.


Photo credit : Sarah of TheFitCookie.com

Imagine you were given all your workload for the day right at the start or you were given all your work for the week at the start of Monday. You would look at it all and probably freak out. You might call off and go home. You might start shoving things in random drawers and hoping you will deal with it later. Fueling your body is the same. You may normally use those calories when distributed over the day or week, but when piled on in one sitting, your body says “screw this” and shoves it in a drawer….most likely my ass.

10. There’s always the opportunity to learn more. These are only a few of the things I walked away from FitSocial learning this year. Over the next few weeks I will probably realize a lot more. I taught people things from my knowledge and perspective, they taught me too. Life is a learning and sharing journey and with each new item I become a different and hopefully better person.

What are the things you learned lately? What was the best conference (work, fun, other) you have attended?

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  1. Interesting insights all around. I wish I could have stayed for that RD session. I think the Whole Foods parking lot had the best view of the Flatirons!

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